Warning about Borrowing


Ask yourself, do you really need a loan today?

Putting your home up as collateral to secure credit may lead to its repossession, should you fail to make the required repayments. If you cannot make the required repayments on your debts, you should immediately contact your credit providers to arrange for an alternative repayment plan.

The interest rates offered by the individual lenders listed on Lenders List may vary based on the loan type, loan amount and your personal status. Selecting a longer loan term may increase the total cost of the loan and late payments may cause you serious financial problems - for help visit the Money Advice Service website.

Lenders List is not a credit provider – we work with a limited panel of lenders to help borrowers find loan and credit products that suit their needs - any personal details and information you provide us with, will be passed on to this limited panel of lenders. We are, therefore, not always able to provide a fully comprehensive list of credit options and lenders and, alternatives may prove to carry lower interest rates and fees.

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