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About TotallyMoney.com

At TotallyMoney, we are a smaller, more personal finance company. We like to keep things personal, and intimate, to help you really trust the service we supply you with.  

We like to make sure our customers have a closer relationship with the company handling their loans, insurance and debt consolidation. We are a staff of just over 80 employees, who work hard to serve our 80 million satisfied and loyal customers.

TotallyMoneys totally fabulous awards

Voted #1 on TrustPilot, we have earned our reputation as a responsible and caring moneylending entity. We’re on a mission to improve the UK’s credit score, and improve the financial state of the county as a whole – one bank account at a time.

Why we feel as though we’ve earned these

Throughout the years, we’ve watched countless big business banks and financial institutions take advantage of the taxpayer, indeed of every citizen they could to rake in profits with hidden costs and nasty deals. Which is why TotallyMoney.com was born – to save the client from overpaying for basic financial rights they have always had and deserved access to. Which is what we have shown you since our inception, and will continue to follow through with.

TotallyMoney.com Services

What exactly do we supply at TotallyMoney.com, you ask? Well, that’s easy! First, you’ll need an understanding of who we are as a staff, and what we do as a company will be easy to understand.

We’re not shady moneylenders or loan sharks, but rather, brokers, who put you in contact with reliable and safe lenders. We’re an independent broker, not a lender.

Why not just go straight to a lender?

We know all the people “in the know”, and that means we can really find all the solutions to any problems you may have along the road. We offer debt consolidation, credit cards, personal and cash loans and mortgages. With our extensive knowledge of the market and of the available lenders out there, we can get you the most savings.

Why going through us as a broker is helpful

We can save you more money, at the end of the day. Traditional, larger banks with old brick and mortar establishment also have a way of operating in the past, with hidden fees designed to snatch the money right out of your account. A broker like us is essentially saving you the costs that a larger bank would charge, and rather than keeping the profit for ourselves, we pass them along to you, to really help you get out of tight spaces whenever you need to.

TotallyMoney.com – Unsecured loans

  • Loan Type Unsecured loans

Benefits of TotallyMoney.com

  • Compare loan quotes instantly
  • Get an instant loan application response
  • Apply for a loan with bad credit



The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.

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TotallyMoney.com – Total solutions to money problems

We also supply services to clients who have gotten themselves into the realm of bad credit scores. We know it happens – why should you suffer?

Well, we don’t think you should. Which is why we’ll always agree to help you, even in those trying times when other companies may turn you away for past mistakes and transgressions.

Why we supply our services in the form of bad credit loans?

As part of our mission to fix the UK’s bad credit score, we get to help people find their feet and sort out the problems they happen to have incurred over the years. We do a brief check on your credit score, 6 years to be precise, and we skim over that, looking for any “bad credit footprints.” Once you’re clear of those, we can move forward with the process.

Everyone deserves a second chance

And at TotallyMoney.com, we can give you the second chance you need to rebuild what you need to – be that your front porch, or your credit score. With our easy to access and easy to repay loan options, we can have you whistling all the way home, while you can rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of, in your interest.


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TotallyMoney.com is a trusted & reliable provider of unsecured loans

In our review, TotallyMoney.com adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

TotallyMoney.com is a registered credit provider in the UK; FCA number 511936

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

March 2019

Totally Money.com gave me a loan offer that was too good to be true and that is why I couldn’t say no to it.

Ethan P
— London —

September 2019

I applied for a Totally Money.com loan in the morning and got the money within hours.

Rose L
— Manchester —

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