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We Have the Privilege of Helping Our Members “Do Better.”

Our members are the people who proudly and quietly take the field every day - our fellow consortiums, playing by the rules, working day and night to build a better life for their families.

But whatever they do, and wherever they live, RBS members share two things: A belief in the UK way of life. And a belief in themselves.

So our mission isn’t simply to help our members get by. We exist to help them realize every ounce of their potential. We exist to educate, but to also encourage. We exist to usher their dreams into the land of reality.

And that’s why we strive to provide consistently best-in-class rates on loans and financial services. That’s why our portfolio offers incentives and innovative features that our competitors find hard to match. RBS today is one of the country’s strongest and most stable financial institutions available to members worldwide via the web seven days a week. 24 hours a day.

In simple terms, we see every day as an opportunity to help our members “Do Better.” We invite you to learn how RBS can help you realize your financial goals.

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Lamentably, bad credit history is a reality for some - however you can forget about it here, in light of the fact that dissimilar to some different lenders, we like giving people second risks. You won't be judged or punished in view of your short of what impeccable credit rating.

Have stains on credit history? We can offer assistance

Kindly rest guaranteed that regardless of the possibility that you have bad credit, we will attempt to still offer you offer assistance. We take a gander at your capacity to reimburse now, not at your financial issues previously. We trust in giving people second risks and pride ourselves on our capacity to give a hand when nobody else can or needs to help you - so apply now.

Summary of Services

  • Credit Cards
  • Online Debt Consolidation Loan
  • Quick Personal Loans
  • Personal Loans for Bad Credit

What is a Personal Loan for Bad Credit and does RBS offer them?

Using credit scoring to determine whether or not someone can be approved for a loan allows lenders to ensure their applications are all treated fairly and consistently. It also ensures that they meet their commitment of being a responsible lender by not lending money to someone who is unable to make their repayments or is struggling with debt. Personal loans for bad credit generally come in two forms; secured and unsecured. Secured personal loans for bad credit or, homeowner loans, come at more affordable rates but if you fail to keep up with repayments you may lose your home. Unsecured personal loans for bad credit on the other hand, will generally come with very high interest rates and lower loan amounts. Alternatives to Personal Loans for Bad Credit at RBS Although RBS does not provide personal loans for bad credit, there are many lenders who specifically target this market. These lenders are also known as sun-prime lenders since they offer loans to people who cannot qualify for prime lending products and charge much higher interest. If you're looking for a personal loan for bad credit to pay off existing debts at an attempt to remedy a bad debt situation you may want to consider looking for a debt consolidation loan. RBS does not offer specific personal loans for bad credit however; we offer debt consolidation loans which may be able to help those struggling to manage their debts. Our personal loans of between £1,000 and £15,000 which are available to both new and existing customers come at prime lending rates and are optimally placed to stand in as debt consolidation loans. Advice for People Looking for Personal Loans for Bad Credit from RBS If you're looking for a personal loan for bad credit to pay off existing debts at an attempt to remedy a bad debt situation you may want to consider looking for a debt consolidation loan. If you're looking for a personal loan for bad credit because you’ve been denied credit by us or any other prime lender, you should obtain a copy of your credit report in an attempt to understand why you’ve been refused. You can then take actions to remedy the problems, and perhaps apply for credit products designed to rebuild your credit score.

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United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7839 1200 / 0800 148 8331

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