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About – Pounds to Pocket

Born out of the Pounds to Pocket legacy of quality, value and service of the highest standard, Pounds to Pocket offers UK customers of good credit standing with a bank account, a range of personalised loan options.

What we offer

Pounds to Pocket offers a range of loan products, which can be taken over a specified time period , depending on the financial circumstances and needs of each customer. The most popular product is our Personal Loans for Bad Credit. In every way, the loan process has been designed to ensure the greatest possible convenience for you, the customer.

To be our customers’ most trusted and flexible financial partner, enabling easy access to affordable products.

  • Customer Delight: We put our customers first in everything we do.
  • Excellence: We will continuously assess, adapt and improve –while being accountable & professional.
  • Teamwork: We will be united in purpose & action, turning our diversity, skills & experience into a source of strength.
  • Integrity: We will be transparent in our dealings – upholding moral, legal & ethical codes.
  • Innovation: Through our courage and initiative, we will identify and implement new opportunities and ideas that will successfully shape our future.

Services – Pounds to Pocket

Here at Pounds to Pocket, we realize that times are tough...cost are climbing, you can scarcely deal with your budget - then on top of everything else, your car separates or you require additional trusts for that fantasy thing, or even most noticeably awful there is a demise in the gang.

Getting your cash loan affirmed

With the web and Pdas assuming control, there is no compelling reason to come to us, or go into your bank and hold up in a long line to get your cash loan sanction. You should do nothing more than fill in our online cash loan application structure, send us the obliged reports when asked to do thus, and you can be grinning the distance to the bank.

Actually getting a Bad Credit loan from us, can help you dispose of that creditor that has been bothering you. We represent considerable authority in simple online cash loans or Bad Credit loans. The most straightforward approach to discover whether you will meet all requirements for cash loans or Bad Credit loans, is to complete our online cash loan application structure and we will have a response for you inside 30minutes.

There is no cost included when applying, and at any rate you will have the genuine feelings of serenity that your cash loan is headed. To what extent will it take to get your cash loan? We comprehend the requirement for cash, can be incapacitating if not done as quickly as could reasonably be expected, hence we pride ourselves on expedient service, and in the event that you send every one of us the reports that we oblige, when asked to do so we won't do anything from our side to postpone the methodology, as it is in our and your best interest to get your cash loan affirmed.

Summary of Services

  • Instant Cash Loans
  • Payday Loans
  • Short Term Loans
  • Loans for Bad Credit
  • Unsecured Loans
  • Cash Loans
  • 12 Month Loans
  • Quick Loans
  • Personal Loans

Pounds to Pocket’s Personal Loans for Bad Credit

We’ve all heard about credit scoring and how this is the primary tool that a lender will use to determine whether or not they’re willing to provide you with credit as well as how much interest they’re going to charge on that credit. If your credit history is tainted with non-payment of debts and bills, CCJ’s, IVA’s and multiple credit searches in a short space of time, you're credit score will be adversely affected and therefore you may not meet their minimum required score for a loan. Pounds to Pocket deal with many bad credit situations and are one of the UK’s leading providers of personal loans for bad credit. The Finer Details of Pounds to Pocket’s Personal Loans for Bad Credit Personal loans for bad credit are simply loans that are supplied to people with a poor credit history. These loans can be both secured and unsecured such as in the case of Pounds to Pocket’s 6 to 12 month personal loans for bad credit. Pounds to Pocket offers personal loans for bad credit of between £200 and £2,000 that can repaid in a convenient term of between 6 and 12 months. This flexibility in repayment coupled with our specialized knowledge and willingness to provide loans to people with bad credit make our credit solutions unique. Instead of basing our decision solely on your credit score like many mainstream lenders, Pounds to Pocket will consider your individual circumstances and your monthly income when deciding if we can provide you with a personal loan for bad credit. Applying for a Personal loan for bad credit with Pounds to Pocket Once you’ve decided that a personal loan for bad credit from Pounds to Pocket is right for you and your circumstances you can visit our website and begin your online application. We will generally process your application in 10 minutes or less and provide you with a decision. Once you’ve accepted our offer we can credit the personal loans for bad credit to your account in 10 minutes or less. Pounds to Pocket requires that you be 18 years or over, have a stable income that covers all your expenses and allows for the repayment of the personal loans for bad credit, proof of address and your banking details among other basic information.

Contact Details

483 Green Lanes
Greater London
United Kingdom

Phone: 0800 016 3106 / 0800 016 3108

Email: support@poundstopocket.co.uk
Other Email: lp@poundstopocket.co.uk

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