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Post Office is a loan financier company to will aid you allowed to get loans you need online in the UK fast. We give personal loans service to prospective candidate. We utilized a combined experience of numerous years in the loan discovering service to guarantee that your loan application is affirmed in a flash.

We help bad credit people to get loans. Loan officers and service representatives additionally field loan instalment and overhauling questions from existing loan customers.

Our target is to verify that you online loan application is transformed quickly and affirmed at the fastest conceivable time. The loan application methodology is simple and basically. Our experience has an apparent of high endorsement rate for all cash loans sought in the UK.

Post Office have one of the biggest databases of financial items and longest rundown of clients in the UK, which guarantees, an option to compare interest rate and shots of the application succeeding. Whether you need a consolidation loans, pay day loan or long term loan, we will aid help you fast to get your loan. Post Office strives to guarantee you spare monstrous time to get a cash loan.

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When you have bad credit, it is truly difficult to acquire an unsecured loan. In the meantime, you may have an earnest requirement for cash keeping in mind the end goal to pay for car or home repairs or the school fees of your youngsters.

On the off chance that you can't put an advantage as collateral to acquire a secured loan, what would you be able to do? You can get an unsecured loan with bad credit. You simply need to take a gander at the distinctive options and pick the best one for you. Know Where You Stand You have gotten bad credit, you ought to realize that you can't secure a profoundly positive manage appealing interest. You need to spotlight on the arrangements which are worthy in terms of handiness and moderateness. You need to pick the loan which will encourage you to escape from the troublesome circumstance in the most comfortable way that could be available. You ought to attempt to check whether you can go without taking out an unsecured loan.

This is on the grounds that these credit items generally have a percentage of the most noteworthy interest rates. Apply now for a Post Office Personal Loan with competitive rates of 7.4% APR Annual Percentage Rate of charge – this demonstrates the general cost of obtaining, considering the term, interest rate and different costs.

Summary of Services

  • Credit Card
  • Quick Personal Loans
  • Online Debt Consolidation Loan
  • Payday Loans Online
  • Bad Credit Loans

What are Personal Loans for Bad Credit?

Personal loans for bad credit are provided to people with poor or adverse credit history at a much higher interest rate then a person with a good credit score would have to pay. Post Office Money offer personal loans of between £1,000 and £25,000 through the Bank of Ireland who is considered a prime lender. Prime lenders offer the most affordable and competitive interest rates on the market and generally base their loan decisions on credit scoring. This means that people with poor or bad credit scores will not be approved for credit and on the rare occasion that they are, the interest rates they’re offered are much higher than the lenders representative APR. Neither the Bank of Ireland nor Post Office Money offer personal loans for bad credit. Can I get a Personal Loan for Bad Credit from Post Office Money? Post Office Money offers very competitive personal loans which range between £1,000 and £25,000. These personal loans can be used for a wide range of purposes from buying a car to consolidating debt. Our personal loans are provided by the Bank of Ireland and carry a Representative 6.90% APR. APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and is the rate that we offer to the majority of people who apply for a loan with us. If you have poor credit and are looking for a personal loan for bad credit, the APR that you will be offered will be significantly higher than this. This is because lending to someone who has adverse credit history carries a greater risk than lending to people who have a good credit score. Basic Eligibility Requirements to get a Personal Loan from Post Office Money Although we do not offer personal loans for bad credit, we do offer debt consolidation loans which may be a viable option for you if you would like to consolidate your debt. To be eligible for a debt consolidation loan from Post Office Money you must: • Be a UK resident • Be aged 21 or over but be 70 years or below at the end of your loan term • Have an annual income of £12,000 • Have an active UK bank account • Have no history of bankruptcy, IVA’s or CCJ’s and a fair, good or excellent credit score

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