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About Money Super Market

Here at Money Super Market we strive to help you with whatever your needs may be by offering a wide variety of loans and financial assistance options, tailor-made for every client we deal with.

We offer a wide selection of loans, ranging from personal loans to home loans and short term cash loans. We don’t discriminate based on credit history or a bad credit score. On top of that, our customer care line will walk you through any difficulties you may have when taking out your loan.

We are impartial, caring and trustworthy

And above all, we like to make sure that our clients have complete peace of mind when dealing with us. We like to build comfortable relationships with our clients, and your concerns are of paramount importance to us. Our services are available 24/7, and our caring, friendly customer support team is always there to answer any query you might have, be it big or small.

Money Super Market Services

Money Super Market offers all that and more

This gives you the opportunity to focus on managing and enjoying all aspects of your financial experience with us and on your own, while also doing what you can to build your credit score back to where it should be. We offer peer-to-peer loans, guarantor loans, personal loans and secured loans – any one of which will be custom fit for your requirements.

Why we offer bad credit loans

With our bad credit loans, we offer you a chance to solve any financial issues you may have encountered over the years. With the world economy in its current state, keeping up with the times and staying afloat is as difficult as ever. By allowing our customers to continue to attempt to fix and rebuild their credit score, we help not only them but the economy as a whole, and that’s why we do all of this for you.

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  • Loan Type Unsecured loans

Summary of Services

  • Get instant access to a host of providers
  • Easily compare loan products
  • Save time and money by applying for a loan online
  • Loans for clients with bad credit

At Money Super Market, we understand how detrimental bad credit can be but we are happy to help!

But, we also care enough to make sure you only take out a loan the size of which you can handle.

Multiple rejected loan applications can be extremely damaging to your credit score and credit record. Our employees carefully tend to your exact requirements, while making sure the loan you receive is one that is healthy for your pocket and your record.

Our loyal customers

We’ve established a customer base of 13 million people since our inception in 1993, and we continue to grow and strive towards helping as many people as we can reach. We were first noted as one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies in 2002, and we intend to continue doing so. With all of these people and soon many more using our service to secure the finance we need, soon we’ll be able to grow and supply our service to even more people in need.

What else we have on offer

From car and motorbike insurance, energy, mobile phones, loans and credit to travel – we cover absolutely everything we can. This makes us even more useful and indispensable to our clients, as we can focus on supplying them with absolutely anything they could need. By becoming a household name like this wherever we can, we increase the good we can do for our customers – and that’s what it’s all about for us.

Choose from our wide range of services 

We are a company with a wide array of services available to our customers. From mobile phone services, energy solutions, finance and travel, we encapsulate several industries in one company.

Lending a hand to people who are down on their luck with bad credit scores is something we are passionate about. It can be easy to let your credit score slip in this day and age, and we feel you shouldn’t be punished for that.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2019

Money Super Market has always been my financial voice of reason.

Emily H
— Bristol —

August 2019

What an easy loan application Money Super Market uses! It is convenient to use without any technical hassles.

James K
— Brighton —

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