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About – Short Term Loans 60

Short Term Loans 60 is a credit broker that matches customers with lenders that meet their needs - our services are free, accurate and fast.

Using our Credit Matching Services

If you're tired of being denied on short-term loan applications - Short Term Loans 60 can help you get approved with one application.

We can also help customer with good credit scores find highly competitive rates in the sea of lenders.

Bad Credit isn't the End of it

People that have poor credit usually gain the most from our brokerage services since they can fill in one application and will very likely be matched up with a lender that offers bad credit loans willing to help them out.

Get Approved Instantly

Our panel of lenders all offer online loans that can be approved in just minutes. If you use Short Term Loans 60 you can have your short-term cash loan approved instantly without a credit check. 

Services – Short Term Loans 60

Short Term Loans 60 offers customers a loan matching service that can help you find a payday loan or a personal loan of up to £2,000.

Why use Us

We're not a direct lender and can therefore provide customers with unbiased loan matching services that will help them find a loan that meets their needs while also remains affordable.

Using our loan matching services means that you can access multiple credit products by filling out only one application form - saving you time and ensuring you get what you want.

Our Panel of Lenders

Short Term Loans 60 has a trusted panel of quick cash lenders that are all able to provide quick decisions and credit the short-term loan straight to the customers bank account immediately after approval.

Our lenders are modern, efficient and in many cases, offer some of the most competitive rates amongst payday lenders in the UK.

Our Support Services

Most credit brokers don’t offer the support services that direct lenders do but, at Short Term Loans 60 we're here for our customers - just as a direct lender would be. You can contact us at any time and have your queries resolved.

How to Apply for a Fast Cash Loan

We help customers access some of the best short-term cash loan rates on the market in one single, 100% online application. If you need a loan to tide you over until payday arrives or want to make a purchase that you can't afford straight up - we can help you.

Understanding Short Term Loans

The short-term loans that you will access via Short Term Loans 60 offer customers amounts of between £100 and £2,000 and loan term from 1 month right up until 6 months. It is important to note that these small personal loans are not designed to solve long term needs or solve financial difficulties - they are meant to help people get over short term cash flow shortages and make larger purchases they could otherwise not afford.

Using the APR to Compare

Most payday loans will boast about their low daily interest fees, however, the FCA requires that all lenders display a Representative APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on their websites. This APR can be used to compare loans more accurately even though the loan term will never exceed 12 months in reality.

What Rate you'll be Offered

It's also important to note that you will not necessarily receive this rate for your own quick loan - the rate you'll be offered will depend on the lender and on your credit score among other things. That's why using a service like ours makes sense - because we can help you get accurate offers which will allow you to compare he APR's you're being offered specifically.

Applying for a Loan with us

To apply for a loan online all you need to do is fill in our simple application form which is available on our website. We request pretty much the same information that a direct lender - from your personal and employment information to your income and expenses. The form should take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete and you will likely receive a variety of loan offers to choose from in just minutes.

Apply any time of the day or night - 7 days a week!

Receiving your Loan

As mentioned, our panel of lenders are fast and efficient and will likely send through an offer almost immediately. Once you've chosen one of the offers we've provided you will then be handed over to the respective lender. Most short term loans are paid out within minutes after approval.

You are under no obligation to accept any offers we send you and you. 

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