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About – QuidMarket Loans

At QuidMarket Loans we offer short-term cash loans from £200 to £750 at a Representative APR of 1246%.

A trusted Lender

We're a trusted provider of payday loans in the UK, are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and abide by the industry's code of conduct.

We will always verify your details and employment information to ensure that we lend responsibly but, will remain unbiased and confidential.

Online Lender - Fast and Simple

We're a direct lender and do not charge customers any fees to make a short-term loan application via our website. As an online lender we strive to help customers get the quick loan they need with as little hassle as possible.

For those with Bad Credit

Although we will run a credit check to verify that we can responsible offer you a loan, we will still consider your application if you have poor credit or, have been denied credit in the past. 

Services – QuidMarket Loans

We're a responsible provider of payday cash loans that range from £200 to £750 and offer customers the ability to repay their loans in up to three installments.

Multiple Installments - Smaller Repayments

Most payday lenders insist that customers repay their loans on their next payday in full, however, most people can't afford this one time repayment and end up accepting a rollover or extension.

To avoid this problem QuidMarket Loans require all first time lenders to repay their quick loans in three installments and do not offer a free early repayment or rollover option.

This makes the monthly installments more affordable and helps you avoid late payment fees and loan extension rates.

A Simple Lender & a Simple Process

We won't make you any promises of instant cash delivery - as a responsible lender we will perform the necessary credit and ant-fraud checks before approving and crediting your loan. That being said, most of our customers are approved immediately and can receive their funds on the very same day.

How to Apply for a Loan with QuidMarket Loans

At QuidMarket we have a different loan request process for new and for existing customers. This helps us make it easier for returning customers to apply for a loan without have to complete the application form again.

Loan Application for New Customers

To apply for a loan on QuidMarket Loan you must be aged over 23, have a bank account, be employed and earning more than £1,000, have an email and mobile number as well as UK residency and a stable address history.

New customers can take out a small micro loan from £200 to £400. The first step is to visit our website and use the loan sliders to choose a loan amount. Then you need to click on the "Apply Now" tab - this will direct you to our online application page.

We will conduct identity verification and credit checks but, will provide you with a pre-approval prior to this. This pre-approval is not binding and is subject to our eligibility checks.

We will request the following information:

  • Your personal details such as your name, age and contact information
  • Your desired login details - so you can access your account and apply for an instant loan should you need one in the future
  • Your employment details - who you work for and how much you earn
  • your bank account details - so we can send you the money and debit the repayments
  • Supporting documentation such as a photo ID

Loan Application for Existing Customers

Existing customers can take out a short-term loan of between £200 and £750 - and they can choose to repay it in as many installments as they wish. You can therefore choose to repay the loan in one installment on your very next payday and save on interest.

 If you've used QuidMarket Loans's services in the past all you have to do is log into your account, request a loan and verify your request.  We will then credit your account immediately. Remember to update any details that may have changed since your first or initial short term loan application.

Contact Details

Phone: 0115 8456434
Email: help@quidmarket.com

Postal Address

Quid Market Loans Hamilton House 9 Hucknall Road