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About NextCredit

Nextcredit uses the help of many other major loan companies, especially if you are struggling with debt and need advice on how to lessen it or consolidate it.

With Nextcredit as an information retainer, all the information that you share or come across will be stored safely so that you can always refer back to it, in case your information changes.

Let us help you find the right loan

We gather, process, and store personal data about you. We are required to comply with the data protection legislation. Next credit Ltd is a data controller according to the Data Protection Act 2018.

This applies to all personal information that is collected concerning you when you apply for any of our products or services. So whether you use our website, when you interact with us, or information that is collected from third-party members.

A transparent service

You will be able to see what information we collect and from whom; how the information is used, who your information is shared with, how we go about protecting your information, what your rights are concerning your information, and how long your information is kept.

NextCredit Services

They offer you financial advice that will help you move forward and get out of the position you now find yourself in.

They speak up for their clients and help the government and public services save millions of pounds every year. They are all about the people and helping them so that they no longer get stuck in the debt spiral.

Reliable financial advice

Citizens Advice has been around since 1939 and has been linked to the fledgling welfare service. They are not only financial advice-givers but spreads themselves throughout the social and economic landscape. Which makes them valuable in any area of your life.

StepChange debt charity

StepChange has over 25 years of experience in helping people with their debt problems. Founded in 1992 by Vic Ware and Malcolm Hurlston after being inspired by the Consumer Credit Counselling model of the US, they then went on to start Foundation for Credit Counseling.

They had a simple and clear vision that no one should pay for debt advice. They have been around for many years and have helped over 5 million people repay their debts which were over £4 billion in total.

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With Next Credit you get affordable short-term loans and sound financial advice

National debt line is an advice charity that is run by Money Advice Trust. We are a free debt advice service and we give advice to the people that need to deal with their debts.

You will find all you need on this site for your free debt journey. There are fact sheets as well as guides and budgeting tools that you can use. Our debt advisers all come from different places and backgrounds, so they are all dedicated to helping you solve your debt issues.

Money advice service

We know the struggle of not being able to live the way you need to because of debt and bad credit, that is why we are all about helping you out with access to great advice. Advice that will get you out of any financial struggle that you may have found yourself in.

We know how huge this task is, that is why we have joined hands with every other organization that helps with financial advice. A lot of the funds we receive are mostly donated to us as we do not charge for the advice we give and for that we are grateful. 

Knowing your credit score is important

Because your credit profile is a major factor for when lenders make their decisions on whether or not to lend you money. The difference between an okay score and a good score can save you thousands in interest payments. Your social media profile/image is often checked as well to determine if you are a reliable candidate.

How my credit report can be used

You need to make sure that your credit score is the best it can be before applying for a loan. You can get help to improve your score and keep it at its best.

If you have a below-average credit score, then stop applying for credit. This will leave a negative footprint on your credit score.

UKCreditRatings offers the ability to understand, monitor, and check your credit report and score. Because we are a part of a much larger and worldwide business that provides millions of consumers with their credit reports and score.

Equifax technology systems

Equifax is a data, analytics, and technology company. Our belief is knowledge drives progress. What powers our decisions that move people forward? It’s our unique data assets, technology, and analytics.

We are champions of economic advancement, stewards of financial literacy and we serve as consumer advocates. We believe that as an innovative global company that enables the public access to credit, we are a part of a broader spectrum, such as collaborations, innovations that speaks to social challenges and social welfare to community relations, and financial education for underprivileged youth.

We believe in establishing relationships that create economically healthy communities and for young adults that are entering college or university, we provide financial education tools.


Every day our world is growing in power and influence. Data is then turned into something meaningful. At the end of it, we gather, analyze, combine and process it to help people and organizations achieve their goals. Even if it means getting to know your customers better or planning a secure future.

Data has the power to change lives. We can make a positive difference to our society and communities by helping people and organizations make the most of their data.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

October 2019

Thank you for the helpful information. I was able to find what I needed.

Maxwell G
— Bristol —

November 2019

There was so much information that I found, I knew exactly what I had to do

Emmerson F
— York —

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