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About – BFWG Grants

BFWG Grants is a short term credit provider based in Bury St Edmunds in the UK.

You Know Who You're Dealing With

We offer customers loans that range from £100 to £500 through our partner brand, True Blue Loans. As one of the many UK-based lenders we're registered and controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority and when people deal with us, they know they're dealing with a trustworthy, responsible and reputable company.

At 0,795% interest per day - our loans are cheaper than others on the net!

Great Team of Experts - Here for You

As a smaller, online lender - we are able to provide you with the personalized service that not many other lenders are able to. Our staff are present every step of the online loan application phase to assist you with anything you may need and, all you have to do is ask.

Applying for a loan through BFWG Grants is simple - all you have to do is choose a short term micro-loan amount, fill in our quick application and then sign a short loan agreement form. 

Services – BFWG Grants

BFWG Grants offer affordable payday loans and installment loans up to the value of £500 - quick, confidential and affordable!

Is a payday loan right for you?

We're an open and honest lender and will always recommend that customers try out other lending options they may have available before going for any online loans. We also don’t recommend taking out a loan with us if you're having serious financial problems or are trying to pay off other debts.

Pay off unexpected bills and expenses with a quick loan from BFWG Grants!

Our Rates and Fees

Our short term cash loans currently carry a Representative 1286,98% APR and we charge no application or early repayment fees. You can choose to pay your full loan amount on your next payday or over the course of a few months - if you're looking for lower repayments.

Whatever your current financial need, we can help you with our flexible loans and repayment terms - apply for a loan today!

Getting a Loan at BFWG Grants

If you're a UK resident, are aged over 18, have a stable job with a regular income then, we welcome you to apply for a short term loan at BFWG Grants today! Your loan will be processed by us but, will be provided and managed by our partner company - True Blue Loans. Once we've received you application, verified your details and conducted a credit check - we will send you a decision and pay out the cash.

Credit checks are conducted in order to meet our legal responsibilities as a registered lender - we cannot lend to those who are bankrupt, have severe debt or are unemployed but, if you have a few missed bills or repayments on your credit report - don’t stress we're very likely to look past these.

What you can do with a BFWG Grant loan

Although we may be interested in what you may want to do with your instant cash loan - we will no place any limits on what you can and cannot do with your money. We do, however, recommend that you only take out a loan if you're temporarily short on cash and need to pay for an unexpected bill or expense. This can be anything from fixing you vehicle to paying for a school trip for the kids - it's you're cash and you're free to spend it in any way that you wish!

Do not use payday loans to pay off existing debts!

Additional Details you Need to Know

We will set up an automatic debit to retrieve the repayments directly from your account on the same day that your paycheck is deposited into your account - so you don’t need to worry about making deposits or forgetting about it.

Although we do not charge you if you've decided to repay your short-term loan earlier than planned, we will charge for non-payment - which occurs if you do not have sufficient funds in your account when the debit order goes through. 

We're an honest lender and have made an effort to ensure that customers know exactly how much their lending is going to cost. You can view a list of lending costs on our website and, you'll be told exactly what rate you're being charged on your loan agreement.

Who said finance has to be complicated?

Since we're an online lender, customers wishing to apply for a quick loan must make use of our online application form. This form will take down all the necessary details such as your telephone number, email address, employment history and details and so forth. We will never request a loan application fee or burden you with paperwork and unnecessary dealings.

Applying for a loan with BFWG Grants is simple, quick and easy!

Contact Details

1 Forbes Business Centre, Kempson Way
Bury St Edmunds

Phone: 01284 724651