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About – QuickQuid

QuickQuid has put a lot of effort into differentiating itself from it's competitors. Why? We're aware of the fact that most people who seek to take out a quick short-term loan are experiencing financial problems and we sek to ensure that we only lend to those who are able to take on the debt and repay on time. 

We offer you a painless alternative to both traditional banking organisation that base their lending on your credit score and to unsavoury payday lenders who charge you excessive interest and hidden fees. 

Repay your payday loan in up to 3 installments 

We're aware of just how difficult it can be to keep up with your monthly expenses and understand that emergencies and unexpected circumstances can topple your budget and leave you penniless in the worst possible time. We offer you the option of repaying your payday loan in up to three equal monthly installments - so you can get the money you need today without having to worrry about tomorrow. 

Same-day cash loans from QuickQuid

Unlike large banking institutions who have the market share to avoid partaking in high-risk lending practices - smaller lenders like QuickQuid take on a greater deal of risk with the objective of offering you, the customer, a same-day cash alternative that is affordable, convenient and flexible.

Services – QuickQuid

There are times in life when you simply cant keep up with expenses and need a little bit of help. When you've considered all of your options, for example, asking for assistance from friends or relatives and have not discovered a way out, taking out a quick cash loan may be your only option.

Under such circumstances, a large number of us consider taking a out a personal loan from our bank but, due to the strict credit score orientated nature of their lending practices those with poor credit cannot qualify and are therefore unable to access the credit they need. Others who qualify for credit may not have the time and energy to go through the long and drawn-out process of applying for a loan through a bank.

A simple and convenient way to borrow 

A same-day cash loan - as the term recommends - is a short term loan that can be used to meet temporary cash flow shortages and can be accessed in the shortest space of time. With QuickQuid you can apply onlie and receive a decision immediately! Once you're approved for the quick cash loan we will credit the money to your current or cheque account instantly so you can get on with life. 

Payday loans with flexible repayment terms 

We're always looking for ways to make our services better whether by offering you more flexible repayment terms, improved custmer service and easier application processes - when it comes to service and convenience, we're as competative as the next guy!

Summary of Services

  • Quick Personal Loans
  • Instant Cash Loans

QuickQuid Provides Quick loans you can Rely on

What makes QuickQuid UK’s preferred lender is that unlike our competitors, we offer you the option of repaying your fast cash loan in up to three installments. This means that you won’t find yourself strapped for cash as soon as payday comes and that you can budget more effectively. We offer new customers loans of up to £1,000 and existing customers loans of up to £1,500.

QuickQuid’s loan Features and Benefits

  • Existing customers can get a quick short-term loan of up to £1,000
  • New customers can get a quick loans of up to £1,500
  • Get the money deposited into your account within 10 minutes after approval
  • Repay the quick loans in up to three installments or periods
  • Up to three equal, budget-friendly repayments
  • Apply online and get approved in minutes
  • Repay your loan early to save on interest
  • We are a direct lender not a broker
  • Representative 1270% APR

Repayment Details on Quick loans from QuickQuid

We offer same day cash loans of up to £1,000 with a Representative APR of 1270%. You can choose to repay your loan in up to three installments or periods; by paying the loan outright on your repayment date, by paying the interest accrued on your first repayment date and your loan amount and remaining interest on your second repayment date or by paying interest accrued on your first two repayment dates and a final payment of the loan amount plus remaining interest on the third repayment date.

Requirements for a quick loans with QuickQuid

To be eligible for a quick loan with QuickQuid you must be over the age of 18, have proof of a steady income, be a UK resident and have a bank account that supports direct debits. We will also request your permission to run a credit check which will help us determine if you can afford the repayments and require proof of income. You can complete the entire loan application online and you’ll get a decision immediately, provided that we do not require any additional details from you.

Contact Details

483 Green Lanes
Greater London
United Kingdom

Phone: 0800 056 1515 / 0808 234 4558

Email: support@quickquid.co.uk
Other Email: collections@quickquid.co.uk

Postal Address

The Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower
E14 9SR
United Kingdom

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