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About – Lloyds Bank

UK based, Lloyds Bank is a solid pioneer in the financial services industry. Established 240 years back, Lloyds Bank has braches conveniently scattered all over the UK, giving customers easy and convenient access to the services they need. 

Our development has resulted from achieving and maintaining outstanding administration while constantly developing our products and services. We're a bank that grows with you, our valued clients, and always looks for ways to innovte, inspire and make banking that much simpler. 

We strive to make things happen for you

We're an organisation that cares about the communities serve and have diligently donated our time and resources to associations that truly need and deserve our support. Unlike so many of our competitors we don't run away when our customers find themselves in a financial emergency, we're here for you through both good and bad. 

We know that in order to gain and maintain a fruitful relationship with our customers we need to stay ahead of our competition, constantly look for ways to improve our services and ensure that our representatives are costantly challenged to provide the service our cleints deserve - and that's exactly what we've been doing.

How to contact us

We've made it easy for our customers to contact us and this can be done in the following convenient ways: 

  • In person at one of our many branches
  • By telephone
  • Via email or snail mail
  • Live Chat
  • Various contact us structures

We aim to help you access the quick cash and financial services you need, at affordable rates and on simple terms. 

Services – Lloyds Bank

Emergencies happen; cars break down, pipes burst, bills pile up and people simply have to find a way to work around these things. Lloyds Bank offers clients loans from £500 to suit a wide variety of needs and help get your life back on track.

Personal Loans on flexible terms

  • Re-utilize all the cash that has been paid back towards the loan
  • Low month-to-month service and set-up fees
  • Flexibility to settle you loan early without punishments
  • Option to make extra installments towards your loan

If you're looking for a short term personal loan, Lloyds Bank can help. Our online lending platform allows you to apply for credit, track your application and manage your debts on the most simple and convenient system on the market. 

Not sure what type of credit is right for you? 

Whether you are looking to pay an unexpected cost, consolidate loans or simply meet your personal needs, our simple loan application form is the first step in a very customer-friendly process. 

Quick & Easy Online Application

If you're havinge trouble making the neccessary monthly repayments on your debts, you should seek professional advice and perhaps consider consolidating your debts to make them easier to manage. 

With a personal loan from Lloyds Bank you can benefit from low interest rates, favourable terms, secure transactions and great customer service - all while avoiding the high-interest payday loans and lenders who will only serve to cause serious financial difficulties in the long run. 

Summary of Services

  • Quick Personal Loans
  • Graduate loans
  • Business Loans
  • Flexible Loan
  • Car loan
  • Home loan
  • Debt consolidation loan

Get the Credit you need at Lloyds Bank

Lloyds bank offers fast approval personal loans to existing customers of between £1,000 and £25,000 at a fixed interest rate over a loan term of between 12 and 84 months (1 to 7 years). If you take out a loan of between £7,500 and £25,000, you could get an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of as low as 3.3%, subject to your status. Whether you're looking to consolidate your debt or purchase a new car, Lloyds bank can offer you the quick loans that you need to get things done!

Why Lloyds Bank is the UK's preferred lender 

You can apply for a quick personal loan of between £1,000 and £25,000 any day of the week and once you’ve been approved you will get the funds transferred into your account immediately. If you decide to repay your loan early we will not charge you any early repayment fees, so you can save on interest and manage your money the way you want to. If you do not want to settle the entire loan amount at once but wish to save on interest by making extra payments, we will not charge you either.

Important Features of Lloyds Bank’s Quick loans

  • Existing customers can get a quick loans of between £1,000 and £25,000
  • Flexible loan term of between 1 and 7 years
  • Get a personalized quick loans quote without affecting your credit report
  • Repay early or make additional payments and save on interest
  • Get the money deposited into your account immediately after approval
  • Repay the quick loan in manageable and affordable fixed monthly installments
  • Apply online and get approved fast
  • No hidden fees, arrangement fees, early settlement fees
  • Representative 4.9% APR and 3.3% for quick loans above £7,500

Our Application Process and Requirements

To apply for a quick loan you must be an existing Lloyds Bank customer, be over 18 and a resident of the UK. If you're already registered for online banking with us you can apply online in just 5 minutes and you’ll receive a response from us within minutes. If you are not registered for online banking you can also apply online but this will take a little longer (about 10 minutes). We will run a soft credit check on you and provide you with a loan offer within just 2 working days.

Contact Details

185 Baker Street
Greater London
United Kingdom

Phone: 0800 096 1356 / 01733 347 007

Email: complaint.info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Opening Hours

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