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About – Clydesdale Bank

With an international client base of over 7.7 million - we are the people’s choice when it comes to banking and credit services.

At Clydesdale Bank we know that from time to time people need a little bit of extra cash, and we also understand that finding a credit solution can be a complicated and time-consuming process and that’s why we've made the application process easy, confidential and, best of all, completely secure.

With experience dating back to 1838, Clydesdale Bank, which is now a member of National UK Bank Group, has the experience and expertise to help you get an online cash loan at the best rates on the market.

Cash in your wallet within 48 hours

When you use our online application form to apply for this service you will immediately recive an approval in principal via email. Once we've recieved all the neccessary information and supporting documents you'll then receive formal confirmation of your approval after which you can expect to have your cash credited to your account within 48 hours.

Top-notch customer service from Clydesdale Bank

Our customer orientated methodology and individualised approach supports our objective to combat over-indebtedness and reckless lending while ensuring that all our clients receive the excellent service that they have become accustomed to when applying for a short term cash loan with Clydesdale Bank.

Services – Clydesdale Bank

You never know when you may require additional finance; life is unpredictable that way. Be it the cost of instruction, a coat of new paint, a wedding or even a memorial service. It may appear that the financial load is simply perpetual. At Clydesdale Bank we pull out all the stops to help our clients and lighten the financial load with the expertise and professionalism you'd expect from such a well established institution. 

For your convenience, we offer loans from £1,000 to £25,000 – simply select the loan amount that suits you.

Loan terms of 1 to 5 years to suit your budget

We know the time-pressed nature of your application and pride ourselves on our same-day decisions and quick  turnaround time. The best part is, once paid out, the cash is yours to spend as and when you like.

To apply for a loan with us, simply visit our website and begin the quick loan application process and filling in your perosnal details and financial needs. From that point, we will process your application and if further information is required, one of our consultants will contact you. Once we've approved and paid out your loan you must ensure that you make the monthly installments for the entire loan term to avoid damaging your credit. 

Once you've made good use of your loan and started repaying as agreed, you may need to get more cash, and this can easily be done by making use of our "top up" services. 

Summary of Services

  • Personal loan
  • Quick Personal Loans
  • Car loan

Get a Quick Loan at Clydesdale Bank

Clydesdale Bank offers convenient, affordable and flexible same-day cash loans that can be used to finally extend your home, redecorate, renovate, purchase a car or even take that family vacation you’ve been dreaming of for years. Whatever the reason that you need instant cash, we’re here to help you and, unlike many of our competitors we’re transparent when it comes to the interest and fees that we charge customers. If you're ready to get on with your loan application, you can visit our website and enter your desired loan amount and loan term and you’ll be able to get an estimate on exactly how much it’s going to cost.

Loan amounts and APR's offered by Clydesdale Bank

  • Loans of between £1,000 - £2,999 at a Representative APR of 24.5%
  • Loans of between £3,000 - £4,999 at a Representative APR of 18.9%
  • Loans of between £5,000 - £7,499 at a Representative APR of 4.4%
  • Loans of between £7,500 - £15,000 at a Representative APR of 3.4%
  • Loans of between £15,001 - £25,000 at a Representative APR of 3.8%

Why Choose Clydesdale Bank

Clydesdale Bank offers customers a market-crushing low Representative ARP of just 3.4% for quick loans of between £7,500 and £15,000. We also offer highly flexible loan terms that can help you mould your monthly repayments to suit your income, budget and lifestyle. Our loan terms range from a very convenient 12 months to 7 years, so you’ll certainly find a mix that suits your needs.

Application Criteria at Clydesdale Bank

If you're over the age of 18, are a resident of the UK, have an active debit or credit bank account and have a good credit history you can apply for an instant approval loan from Clydesdale Bank. If you apply online we will process your application, run a credit check and let you know if you’ve been approved within hours. We do however promise that regardless of the method of application that you choose, you will hear from us within 2 working days. If you apply online, we’ll endeavor to give you an answer as quickly as possible and, once approved, we'll credit your account instantly!

Contact Details

Mariner Court, 103-105 Leyland Rd
United Kingdom

Phone: 0800 707 6471 / 0800 22 24 26


Postal Address

PO BOX 3105
G81 2NT
United Kingdom