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About – Solution Loans

Solution Loans is a credit broker that can help you find the right loan and the right lender - online and for free. We have everything from payday loans, car loans and logbook loans to homeowner loans and regular personal loans - ready for you to apply!

Information and Advice

We offer free information regarding different loan products on our website. These articles, videos and links can help you figure out what type of loan would best suit you and which would offer the lowest interest rates and fees.

All types of Loans

From car loans to homeowner loans - we can help people source a wide range of finance types to meet their loan amount needs and their lending requirements. So whether you need a secured or unsecured loan - a short-term loan or a long-term one - Solution Loans will have a solution for you. 

Services – Solution Loans

Solution Loans offer a competitive brokerage service across the UK.

Our Loans and Rates

We offer payday loans up to £1,000 at a Representative 1192% APR. Whether you want to take a small vacation with your loved ones or repair your car and simply can't afford to pay the bill with your current bank balance - we can help you find the perfect short-term cash loan to get things done fast!

A Transparent Lender

We're a direct, fair and transparent broker that makes finance simple. We speak to our customers in a way that is honest and easy to understand. We have no hidden fees, flexible loan amounts and terms and a team that is dedicated to delivering top-class customer service.

Cash - fast

Get a quick loan of up to £1,000 by completing a single-page application online!

Applying for an emergency loan through our website will take you a few minutes and, once approved, you'll have the loan credited to your account immediately. 

How to Apply for a Quick Loan with Solutions Loans

This is certainly a question that is addressed on our website and which we believe you should carefully consider before making an application for an instant loan such as that provided by payday lenders.

Payday loans can be approved very quickly, without security and, without a credit check - this in combination with the fact that they generally have very short terms means that you'll pay a higher interest rate.

Bad Credit Considered Fairly

Most lenders won't lend to people who have CCJ's or defaults against them and this is often a very confusing and frustrating situation for most people who don’t understand why then lender couldn’t just say so before they ran a credit check or made them fill out an online loan application.

With Solution Loans we have a panel of lenders who are willing and able to offer quick loans to people with bad credit, those who have been blacklisted and those who have CCJ's against them.

Use our Loan Sliders

We offer customers use of online loan sliders to help you decide on a loan amount and loan term - try different combinations to arrive at the most affordable combination before proceeding with your loan application online.

What you'll need when you Apply

To apply for a quick cash loan at with us you must be 18 years old, have a full time job or be self-employed with a regular income and have a residential address and a bank account.

If you meet the above requirements and know how much you want to borrow - visit our online loan application page!

Find a Loan with us

Solution Loans isn't like most credit brokers - we really care about our customers and strive to find them a short term loan product that meets their real needs. Whether you have good or bad credit, we will work to find you a product that meets your needs.

Our Loan Application

Solution Loans will gather some basic information and details via our online application form. You will need to provide your personal details, address information, employment and income information as well as provide any supporting documentation as required by the lender that you select a little later on. 

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