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About – SafetyNet Credit

SafetyNet Credit is unique in both the traditional banking and online lending worlds - we offer affordable,  fee-free quick loans to of up to £500 but, they're not just any loans, they're a revolving line of credit that tops up automatically.

No More Payday Loans

Payday loans are extremely popular since they're so easy to obtain and can be credited almost automatically but, with payday loans carrying APR's that usually go well into the thousands they're extremely expensive.

A Better Credit Solution

At SafetyNet Credit we offer customers the best of both worlds - we offer quick online loans at highly competitive APR's that won't exceed the double-digit mark.

Money when it's Needed

At SafetyNet Credit we offer customers instant cash loans when they need it - so you'll never again go into the red or be short on cash. This means that our customers can easily avoid the payday loan trap which is not only expensive but, a frustrating burden. 

Services – SafetyNet Credit

SafetyNet Credit offer a revolving line of credit up to a limit of £500 - a limit which can automatically be credited to your account or, which you can request by logging into your SafetyNet Credit account.

Get an Instant Loan - when you Need it

Our quick cash loans are available immediately when you need them - so you don’t have to visit a website and make an application or even log into your account.

Once you’ve applied online all you have to do is select the "automatic SafetyNet" on your account dashboard to ensure your account balance never goes below a selected limit.

Better than a Payday Loan

Our loans are way better than payday loans because you'll be able to access a quick loan immediately when it's needed - to do this we link in to your account and transfer fund automatically once your account balance goes below the selected limit. 

How to Apply for Credit at SafetyNet Credit

Payday loans carry higher rates than traditional loans that you'll get at a bank but, at SafetyNet Credit we offer online applications but are way more affordable than any of the online lenders out there! We offer payday cash loans at a daily interest rate of just 0,8% - way below the industry average.

Credit Card Power

Credit cards are great because they offer a revolving line of credit, however, we don’t all have credit rating to qualify for plastic. At SafetyNet Credit we've merged the online lending world with the highly competitive banking industries and offer customers  quick, online cash loans at a Representative 68.7% APR!

Pay When you can Afford it

Unlike banks and other online lenders we don’t give you strict repayment amounts - we allow you to pay your short-term when you can afford it! Since we link up to your account we will be able to determine when you have sufficient credit in your account to make the necessary repayment - if you don’t have the money we will wait till you do.

This removes the risk of "rollovers and extensions" which so many customers accept from payday lenders.

Do you Qualify for a Loan?

SafetyNet Credit is a registered lender that abides by the FCA's code of conduct and lends responsibly. Although we are much more flexible than our larger competitors on the high streets - we still have to ensure that you can afford the quick loans we offer you and must ensure you're clear of CCJ's, IVA's and bankruptcy. To apply for our revolving line of credit you must be a UK resident, be over the age of 21 and be employed or self-employed.

Great Customer Service

As a registered and responsible lender, we will always do our best to give you the most affordable rate possible and help you throughout the application process. Our SafetyNet agents are available to assist you at any time - whether you need help or just have a question about our instant loans or procedures. We will never charge you any later repayment fees - we will only withdraw the loan when you can afford to repay it!

Contact Details

Phone: 0800 180 8400

Postal Address

SafetyNet Credit PO Box 1515
High Wycombe
HP11 9JE