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About – Quiddi Compare

At Quiddi Compare we help people find the lowest rate payday loans - for free, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

Free Loan Comparisons

People looking for a quick loan are usually willing to pay high fees and rates to get it but, with Quiddi Compare you don’t have to accept anything but the best. We offer free and instant loan comparisons to people across the UK in a way that they can understand.

Our Competitive Lenders

We offer short-term loan comparisons as well as long-term loans from a selection of the country's most competitive lenders. We also have a huge selection of payday lenders - with APR's starting from just 68.7% - offering quick loans at affordable rates. 

Using our Clever Search

If you're looking for a quick cash loan our clever search can provide you with a decision in just 60 seconds. 90% of our applicants are approved for a loan after completing our simple application form. This is a free service and you're under no obligation to accept any of the offers we provide you with. 

Services – Quiddi Compare

We offer people a free service which allows them to instantly compare quick cash loans by their listed APR's or monthly repayments.

Compare, Select & Apply

Whether you need a helping hand to get through the rest of the month or you'd like to make a specific purchase fast - you could find the perfect quick cash loan by checking out our loan comparison tables. Once you've found a loan you're keen on all you have to do is click on the link to apply.

With Quiddi Compare it's just that simple!

Our Comparison Tables

On Quiddi Compare we've summarized the most important loan details and features in a way that's easy to compare and understand. You can choose how you'd prefer the lenders and loans to be listed - either by the lowest APR, the minimum monthly installments required or by randomly by lender.

Why Settle for Less?

At Quiddi Compare we don’t believe that customers should have to settle for high rates, stringent repayment terms and all-around unfair fees - so our staff are hard at work ensuring our loan information is always up to date and that we include as many competitive lenders as possible. 

How to Find a Low-rate Loan on Quiddi Compare

At Quiddi Compare we have a massive range of loan types from short-term loans and payday loans to long term loans and credit cards. We're one of the leading comparison websites and strive to continually refine our services to help our users find the best rates and the best products in the UK.

We also offer people the ability to compare logbook loans, guarantor loans, peer-to-peer loans, credit cards and car finance credit. This means you can find, compare and apply for any type of finance you may need in one free, simple and accurate platform.

Reasons to Compare

Saving money - one of the main reasons to compare is to find a lower interest rates and more competitive fees and terms in order to save as much cash as possible.

This includes the "same lender trap" where a customer will return to the same lender over and over again not aware of other cheaper alternatives available.

Another great reason to compare is that you'll be able to find a loan amount that fits your needs as well as a loan term that makes your repayments affordable.

Comparing Loans on Quiddi Compare

Our quick loan products are listed in order from the most competitive to the least and indicate the following information about the product:

  • The lender's logo
  • Minimum loan amount
  • Maximum loan amount
  • Minimum loan term
  • Maximum loan term
  • Representative APR
  • Time to transfer funds (from 15 minutes to same day transfers)

Applying for a Loan Using Clever Search

If you'd prefer to get a more personalized loan quotation you can use our clever search to get multiple personalized quotations instantly. To apply simply click on the "Clever Search" and then fill in the four sections that follow. These are:

  1. Tell us about your loan requirements - quick cash loan amounts available are from £50 to £1,000.
  2. Give us your details - you name and surname, date of birth, email, telephone number and marital status and dependants.
  3. Provide you address details - we will do a quick check to verify your address.
  4. Your bank details - this is the account where your personal loan will be sent.

Contact Details

Phone: +44(0)1244 676732
Email: info@quiddicompare.co.uk

Postal Address

QV Holdco Ltd Malta House