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About – Moneyway

Welcome to Moneyway - the UK's alternative banking and finance provider - one which merges the power of traditional banking with faster and easier online banking.

Our Customers

We have an expansive customer base across the UK - from people who just need a little more from their banking partner to those who are not well served by their banks. We offer a large range of financial services and products - designed to meet a wide range of needs. 

Experience that Counts

With over 6 decades in the Moneyway has grown from strength to strength and have been able to consistently increase and improve our services and products. From point of sale services to quick cash loans and car finance - we've got it all.

Lending Services

Moneyway allows customers to apply for unsecured same-day loans online - which makes us just as convenient as the other online lenders on the market but, with much more affordable rates. Although we're n essence a bank - we surely don’t stick up red tape or view our customers as numbers like most banks do.

Services – Moneyway

Imagine a bank that offers competitive interest rates, flexible lending terms, a wide range of banking and lending services, personalized service and the ability to apply online - this is Moneyway.

Need a Loan?

Perhaps you're looking to repair something in your home, finance a car or consolidate high-interest debts but have been refused credit from your bank. Money can help you since we look at more than just your credit score when determining when to lend money.

Apply Online

Whether you're a new or existing customer - you can apply for a quick cash loan online via our website. This means less paperwork, faster loans and less effort! While many people lend money from expensive payday lenders for their sheer speed and ease - we can do the same at a fraction of the cost.

Unsecured Loans

We offer unsecured payday loans online that range from £1,000 to £15,000 at a Representative 14,9% - which anyone who has ever taken out a loan online would not - is way lower than the most competitive alternative lender out there. 

How to Apply for a Quick Loan with Moneyway

We all know why payday lenders are so popular - they offer quick cash loans that people can apply for without ever leaving their homes. They also consider people who have bad credit and those who have been rejected by mainstream banks and other more competitive lenders. On the other hand banks offer large loans and super competitive rates that are just a fraction of the rate offered by payday lenders.

Best of Both Worlds

At Moneyway we've merged the online lending world with the highly competitive banking world to brings you quick, online cash loans at rates that are affordable. This means that even if you've been denied credit because your credit history has a few minor bumps - Moneyway will still be able to look at your ability to afford the loan and ignore those minor hiccups. We like to see people as individuals and not just as credit scores.

Do you Qualify for a Loan?

Moneyway is a registered lender that abides by the FCA's code of conduct and borrows responsibly. Although we are much more flexible than our larger competitors on the high streets - we still have to ensure that you can afford the same day loan you intend on getting and that you have no CCJ's or IVA's or have not been bankrupt in the past. That being said, you must be a UK resident, be over the age of 21, be employed or self-employed and earn at least £834 per month to be able to apply with us.

Our Awesome Loans

At Moneyway we offer quick loans that you can apply for online - whether you're a new or existing customers. Our loans range from £1,000 to £15,000 - and come with flexible loans terms from 1 to 5 years. Our Representative 14,9% APR means that not only are you going to save money with Moneyway but, you're also going to get affordable monthly repayments - so you don’t have to worry about straining that already tight budget.

Applying Online

You're free to visit us in-branch if applying online isn't really your thing, however we've made the loan application process so simple that just about anyone with an internet connection can fill it out and send it off to us. As a new customer you'll have to fill in your personal and contact details so that we can process you application and offer you a quick loan. Once you've applied on our site - you could get the cash in as little as 24 hours!

Contact Details

Phone: 0345 111 7125

Postal Address

One Arleston Way Shirley Solihull
West Midlands
B90 4LH