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About – MobileQuid

MobileQuid aims to be the speediest short-term loan provider on the UK market!

Borrow up to £500 Now!

We are one of the UK's favorite lenders because we're reliable and trustworthy! Our loan application is done 100% online, either using your mobile or your PC and, you can get your loan in as little as 15 minutes!

Bad Credit Loans

With convenient loan amounts, a quick application process and instant loan processing - MobileQuid is one of the Nation's most preferred lenders. What makes us even more appealing to customers is that we help those with bad credit too.

Confidential Borrowing

Applying for a quick cash loan from MobileQuid is simply easy for both first time lenders and existing customers and, we will not contact your employer - remaining strictly confidential from start to finish. If you're looking for emergency cash or need money fast - MobileQuid is here to help.

Services – MobileQuid

We offer emergency loans designed to help people who have found themselves short on cash before month-end.

Versatile Loans for any Need

Whether you car has broken down or you have a pile of late bills that need to be paid - our quick loans are just what you need to get it sorted fast.

Responsible Lending with MobileQuid

We're a responsible lender and will only offer you a short-term loan if we are satisfied that you can repay it on time. We ensure responsible lending by performing credit checks as required by the Financial Conduct Authority who regulates the financial industry.

Apply Online using any Device

Our UK loan services are 100% online - can be completed using any PC, mobile or tablet with an internet connection and, are available to people across the UK - applying is quick, effortless and will save you time and money!

How to Apply for a Loan with MobileQuid

If you are experiencing severe financial difficulty we will not be able to offer you a short-term loan to prevent further harm to your finances and credit history.

Our Rates and Fees - Clear as Day

Since we're committed to responsible lending practices we're completely transparent about our fees and rates and have these posted on our site as required by the FCA. When we draw up your loan agreement we will list all our fees which includes the interest rate, the fees for taking a loan extension and charges for non-payment among others.

Our Basic Eligibility Requirements

To apply for a payday loan with MobileQuid you must be a resident of the UK, be in full time employment with a monthly income that exceeds £750, have a valid ID, proof of address and a mobile phone and bank account.

If you are unemployed, have been bankrupt, are not a resident or don’t have a UK bank account we will, unfortunately, not be able to assist you with a quick cash loan.

What Information We'll Ask for

We will require your personal and contact information, address, employment details, identification and pay slips or bank statements.

If you're a first time client we will run a credit check to ensure that you can reasonably be expected to make repayments as agreed.

How to Apply

Once you've checked that you meet our minimum requirements you can go to our online loan application page and begin the application. Our application process and form is as simple as it can get and will only take you a couple of minutes to go through.  

To apply you must fill in our online application form; once we have processed this application we will send you a loan agreement and once you've accepted - we will immediately transfer the funds to your account.

Existing customers can simply log into their MobileQuid accounts and request an instant cash loan - no need to fill out another form or provide more details.

Ongoing Support

MobileQuid is big on customer support and will always have an agent available to assist you with your loan application, you account, your repayments or just to answer any of your questions. 

Contact Details

Registered Office Address 8 St. John Street

Phone: 0800 023 4567