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About – Fast Loan UK

Fast Loan UK is a direct lender that offer quick cash loans up to £2,000 and we're the only online lender in the UK that offer home visits!

A Kind Lender

We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and abide by the industry's code of conduct. Unlike most payday lenders who want nothing more than to charge their customer additional fees and convince them to accept a rollover on their payday loans - we're a kind lender that has put many measure into place to make sure that never happens.

We play fair - and it shows!

What you See is What you Get

Our same-day loan rates and fees are clear and available on our website for all to see - we're open and honest and will never cause our customers stress by charging them fees we didn’t initially tell them about. We will never allow a customer to request a rollover or extension or charge them absorbent late repayment penalties. 

Services – Fast Loan UK

Get a quick cash loan from Fast Loan UK from £100 to £2,000 by filling in one simple loan application or contact us to get one of our agents to pay you a visit.

Out Loan Terms

With Fast Loan UK you can always rest assured that whatever the loan amount you select you will be able to afford the repayments. We offer flexible loan terms that extend from 30 days to 8 months - so your short-term loan repayments will always be affordable! You are in control of the short-term micro loan so, we let you choose how much you borrow, for how long and the frequency of repayments.

Cash in 15 minutes

Applying for a loan on our website will take you a mere 5 minutes and once approved, you'll have the loan credited to your bank account immediately. We've made sure that the application form is use-friendly and can be completed without stress or hassle and, if you encounter any difficulties - our agents will be available to help you.

This entire process can be completed in 15 minutes!  

How to Apply for a Quick Loan at Fast Loan UK

When it's all about speed, you need an automated system that can do a lot of the work in seconds and that exactly what we have here at Fast Loan UK. To get a small quick loan in just a few minutes may seem near impossible to lender who've never ventured away from their local bank or credit union but, with Fast Loan UK - it's a reality!

Get an Unsecured Loan - Now!

Unsecured loans are more expensive than secured loans since the risk to the lender is by far greater. This is the same reason that people with good credit scores are able to access lower interest rates on same day loans and just about any type of credit. At Fast Loan UK - we offer unsecured loans to people who have both good and bad credit without any bias.

Transparent Lending - the Way it Should be

We don’t not charge customers application fees, late payment fees or extension fees - you simply have to pay the interest based on the length of time that you borrow for. Once you've completed our loan application form and we've run a credit check and verified your details telephonically - we will provide you with a loan agreement form that will contain all the applicable rates and fees - excluding none!

How to Apply on our website

To apply for a loan with Fast Loan UK all you need to do is navigate to our application page and fill in the details we ask for. This will start with you personal details and end off with your bank account information - so we can transfer your loan to you as quickly as possible.

Even though you can complete this application form in as little as 5 minutes we urge you to take your time and ensure all the details are correct and accurate to avoid any delays in getting you quick cash loan approved and transferred to your account.

 Unfortunately, we do not offer loans to people who are bankrupt or are unemployed.

Contact Details

Phone: 0845 080 1800

Postal Address

1st Floor Venture House 6 Silver Court Welwyn Garden City