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HSBC Personal Loan

  • Personal loans up to £25,000
  • Low-interest starting from 21.9%
  • Repayment up to 8 years

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About HSBC

HSBC offers its clients a wide range of services including retail, commercial and private banking services in the UK.

HSBC was started in the year 1865. Since then, they have become one of the largest banking and financial services organizations. By being a part of the global businesses, it has allowed them to serve more than 40 million customers' financial needs.

HSBC loan rates

HSBC has values that describe who they are as an organization and what makes them unique. These values are crucial to them as they help them achieve their goal of helping businesses to grow, economies to flourish and people to realize their purpose.

Your go-to company

HSBC has developed a long-term strategy that illustrates its purpose and allows them to connect with its customers regarding opportunities around the world.

Their goal is to be a leading international bank. Therefore they offer financial assistance to personal wealth and corporate clients who succeed through their deep heritage in faster-growing and higher-returning markets.

HSBC duties

At HSBC they are dedicated to serving the needs of their community. They have sponsored economic growth, expanded their international trade, and succeeded in events such as economic crises.  Currently, their approach focuses on bearable finance, endurable supply chains as well as employability and financial capability.

HSBC Services

It has been made easy to excess the HSBC services, as all their members can log on through their mobile banking app.

HSBC provides you with the easiest application form and procedures. All applications will only take 10 minutes of your time. Therefore you can apply for their products at any time and anywhere, even in the comfort of your home.

HSBC's loans

They design your personal loan to meet both your budget and your needs. With HSBC online personal loan you can borrow from  £1,000 up to £25,000. Which can be repaid between 1 to 5 years for loans of £15,000 or less.  If your loan is above £15,000, your repayment period will be between 1 to 8 years.

Quick response and services

If you are an HSBC current account holder, you could get an instant response when applying for a loan as well as receive your money instantly once the application has been approved and the loan agreement has been signed.

While Non-HSBC account holder customers, you can expect to receive feedback within 2-5 working days and can only receive the money into a nominated account 3 working days after the signed loan agreement is received.

Top-up your loan

To top up means that you can apply for a loan while you have an existing loan at HSBC. Although it might increase the total amount that is due of your existing loan as you will be given a new extended repayment term.

They will also offer you a rate that is higher than the representative AP as well as more than your existing loan APR.

HSBC – Personal loan

  • Loan Type Personal loans
  • Interest Rate from 21.9%
  • Loan Amount up to £25,000
  • Repayment 1 year to 8 years

Benefits of HSBC

  • Get a quick loan decision
  • Fast access to funds
  • Make overpayments with no extra charge
  • Top up your existing loan

Personal loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this quick loans calculator is subject to our terms of use.

At HSBC our customers' need is our priority

At HSBC, they seek to give nothing but the best services and experience.

Applying for a loan can be stressful on its own so they are extra cautious not to cause any more worries. HSBC provides a simple and easy-to-understand loan application form that can be completed within 10 minutes.

Investor relations

All investors, both current and potential, can access any information regarding HSBC services on their website, including financial results, dividend information, stock exchange announcements, and investor presentations.

Requirements for a personal loan at HSBC

Meeting the HSBC criteria before you apply saves you time and energy.

Before you apply for an online loan make sure you are: 

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Reside in the UK
  • Permanently employed
  • Not bankrupted for the past 6 months
  • Have a good credit rating

Applying for HSBC finance

It is easy to apply for HSBC services. If you are one of their current account holders you can apply through their online banking application. Just open your banking app and start your application. But if you are a first-time applicant, you can apply by visiting any of their branches and one of their consultants will gladly help you.

Choose to have control of your finances

Sometimes life can toss you at the deep end and it is usually within those times, that you don’t know what to do.  Regardless of all that you come across, never let financial strains control you. You can come to HSBC bank with all your financial problems and they will gladly assist you. Their online loans are designed to accommodate everyone including those who are not currently banking with them.

Visit the HSBC branch today and start applying for the loan you need. Visit them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to learn a lot more about their services and the new things they are introducing.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2019

I am so happy about how quickly it is to find HSBC bank. They are just on a walkable distance.”

Mike H
— London —

August 2019

When I apply for a loan, the first thing I look at is an interest rate. At HSBC they never disappoint, I always receive the best interest rates

Gerome Y
— Scotland —

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