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About – Consolidation Loan centre

Everyone has a financial dream - an objective they are dead-set to accomplish. For some, its sending their kids to college; for others, its purchasing the house they'll call home and still for others, its retiring early and comfortably. At Consolidation Loan Centre we offer the items and tools needed to help make those fantasies a reality.

For us, it is about you - our customer

Today, Consolidation Loan Centre has a large number of customer across the UK who stand testament to our ability to truly offer value in the financial and banking industry. we offer advice on debt and provide the most reliable and affordable debt consolidation loans in the UK.

Why we're different

Unlike the high-street banks in the UK, Consolidation Loan Centre doesn't judge you merely on your credit score and - we're willing and able to provide you with the assistance you need to overcome a difficult debt situation. We offer convenient debt consolidations loans and can help you find a way to tackle your debt head-on.

Bad Credit means it's time for a change

When you're struggling to keep up with your debt commitments and have missed a few too many payments you may start feeling a little helpless and unable to climb out of the spiral of debt. We are here to help you get the quick cash you need to change things around and start living a better, stress-free life. 

Services – Consolidation Loan centre

At Consolidation Loan Centre, you can put your worries to rest, knowing we are on your side. Everything you need to be approved for a bad credit loan is: a valid ID (driver's permit, international ID, and so forth), 3-months worth of financial records, and either a paystub or bank statement.

We work with you

Consolidation Loan focus is one of the fastest developing consumer loan companies in the country. Our emphasis is on furnishing people with the quick cash they require to stabilize their debt and finances. We work with you to find the loan that works best for your particular situation. By providing us with accurate and comprehensive details and information we will find a credit solution for you.

Find us online and start the process

Whether it’s a bad credit loan, or a personal loan, Consolidation Loan Centre gets you cash quickly while keeping the loan process straightforward. With a customer-base across the UK, getting cash with us  is simple! We have an online platform that enables you to start the loan application process from home - no queues, no paperwork and no face-to-face meetings.

We make things simple

At Consolidation Loan focus, we take the mystery out of discovering the best loan for you. Our capable staff will go through the diverse loaning choices  we offer with you. So whether you're searching for a bigger loan, a loan with simple terms or a bad credit loans, Consolidation Loan Centre can offer assistance! 

Summary of Services

  • Online Debt Consolidation Loan
  • Bad Credit Loans

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84-86 Princess Street, Manchester House
North West England
United Kingdom

Phone: 0800 881 8994 / 0800 881 8748

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