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About Money Super Market

Money Super Market is the most simple, accurate and user friendly online comparison site.

We will tell you upfront what the full cost of your instant cash loan will be; with us, you'll never run into hidden fees or charges.

Compare the best loans and make an informed decision

Short term cash loans are also referred to as payday loans. We can help you find and compare any of these financial products - at absolutely no charge to you! These instant cash loans can help with occasional cash flow problems or unexpected expenses that arise out of nowhere and help tide you over for a few days, or weeks.

How a loan can help you today

Instant cash loans can be used to supplement your income in between paydays which means your life doesn’t have to stop while you count down the days until payday. By using instant payday loans you can avoid overdraft charges and penalty fees on your store cards or utility bills.

Quick, efficient and affordable products

Our loan application system is quick and efficient, and our customers get their cash loans the same day. We aim to achieve a turnaround time of 15 minutes to issue a conditional approval, however, this is only for the initial approval.

We still need to receive your supporting documents such as proof of income and employment to carry out the required assessment and give you full unconditional approval. Apply for a quick cash loan online and, save both time and money.

Money Super Market Services

Money Super Market is truely in a leugue of it's own.

Our fast and accurate online comparison tools offer the simplicity and convenience of conducting the whole research process in a few simple clicks.

Simply tell us what you need

Once you've entered the basic information on what kind of quick cash loan you're after - our system will get to work and show you all of the most suitable lenders and products. Whether you are going through an unforeseen crisis, Money Super Market will help you get cash into your account quickly and effortlessly.

Our same day money loans are particularly intended to help you get approved quickly, making Money Super Market the best online comparison tool.

Why Money Super Market?

  • It's FREE to use our comparison platform
  • Full online methodology accessible from any device with an internet connection
  • All types of loan and banking products available to compare
  • Find a reliable lender that offers instant cash loans
  • Avoid scams and fly-by-night lenders
  • Compare top rates and top lenders
  • Get exclusive deals only available via Money Super Market 
  • Compliant with Government regulations and industry standards
  • No paperwork, queues or long waiting periods
  • Once you've found a product that suits you, simply click to apply online

 With such a long list of benefits, you simply can't afford to use any other loan comparison service!

Money Super Market – Instant loan

  • Loan Type Instant loans
  • Decision Same day

Benefits of Money Super Market

  • Get instant access to a host of providers
  • Easily compare loan products
  • Save time and money by applying for a loan online

Instant loan calculator


The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.

This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this Online loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Get an instant cash loan from Money Super Market today!

We all know just how many different financial services providers are out there and just how overwhelming and confusing it can be to select the right instant cash loan.

Money Super Market does not provide loans directly but works as a broker to facilitate the loan process and provide you with all the various options available to you in a way that is easy to review, compare and most importantly get the money you need with as little hassle as possible. Our loan comparison tool MoneySupermarket.com is the most accurate, reliable and simple tool available on the internet to compare the various short term loan products on the market.

Product comparisons at Money Super Market

Since we gather, summarize and compare a variety of different same-day loan products from a host of different providers, Money Super Market provides the most comprehensive overview of options. We have a large panel of top lenders and service providers that we work with and this will save you from having to run around comparing different offers and lenders and all this can be done in a matter of minutes!

Benefits of using Money Super Market

  • Get instant access to a host of providers and instant cash loan products without any effort
  • Easily compare different products at the click of a button
  • Save time and money by applying for a loan online
  • Access exclusive payday loan deals
  • Search for loans without doing damage to your credit score

Find a suitable cash loan quickly

We can provide you with a summary of all of the available options and indicate which loans you're more likely to qualify for. Why waste both time and money researching lenders and their short term cash loan products when we’ve already done all the legwork for you? The rates that you're offered will depend on the loan amount, loan term and, of course, your credit score but, regardless of your circumstances, Money Super Market certainly improves your chances of finding and being approved for credit!

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Money Super Market is a trusted & reliable provider of instant loans

In our review, Money Super Market adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

Money Super Market is a registered credit provider in the UK; FCA number 303190

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

October 2019

They have given me the freedom to get the loan that I needed and they have helped to elevate all of the stress that I used to have regarding debt

Dianne H
— Essex —

July 2019

The best part about the company is they have become a one-stop-shop for me when I needed to get the best insurance for the best rate well they offered me the best so couldn’t refuse.

Greg R
— Christchurch —

March 2019

They are a lovely company that truly cares about its clients when I phoned in to find out about my loan they were all more than willing to help me get the answers I needed.

Terry B
— Bournemouth —

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