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About – MobileQuid

Welcome to MobileQuid Loans –the UK’s most user-friendly online loans website you will find.

We pride ourselves in providing practical payday loans to our new and existing clients. Our team of financial experts have extensive experience in getting the best products and rates, affordable and quick loans. We pride ourselves in being one of the best companies in the business of short term loans.

Finance that suits your needs 

Our fast and friendly services are available directly to you via your mobile, quick and easy! We save you the hassle of wasting time searching for instant cash loans online during your hour of need so let’s find you a fast loan to best suit your needs.

Fast, simple loans online

Fast short term loans are made easy with our instant online application. We at MobileQuid know all about payday loans and go the extra mile keep it simple. We have helped thousands of people with financial problems and have secured loans for anyone who can afford the repayments. We receive all applications with great enthusiasm and do our best to make a same day cash loan happen for whoever needs it. We give you feedback on your application within 24 hours.

All it takes is a few easy steps

  • Apply online or on your mobile
  • Fax or email all necessary documents
  • Provide proof of residence
  • Get approved
  • Loan is credited to your account 

Services – MobileQuid

At Mobilequid, we realize that when you're looking for a loan, you need it fast! That is the reason our instant cash loan application procedure gives you a quick decision and we then credit your money inside 24 hours of loan approval. 

Better than the banks

As an online business, Mobilequid gives a faster, less demanding and less upsetting methodology to securing fast money loans compared to the customary 'blocks and mortar' suppliers.

Whether its forever's additional costs, for example, car repair bills, retail store accounts or, to repair home apparatuses, or simply to tide you over until your next payday - an instant loan will sort you out quickly and conveniently.

Fast approval loans

Our short term loan application procedure is quick and basic and ought to just take you a couple of minutes to complete. We request the data we need and give your application a quick decision.

Extra data and supporting documentation can be sent electronically.

We're quick, efficient and professional 

Once approved, you will get your payday loan either on that day, or the following day.

New clients get to experience how quickly the cash is credited to their bank accounts, and how professionally we handle any queries!

Summary of Services

  • Instant Cash Loans

Quick Money from MobileQuid

If you need an instant cash loan MobileQuid offers you a fast, transparent and convenient way to borrow! We offer loans of between £100 and £500 that you can apply for using your cell phone or other mobile device. MobileQuid is not a direct lender but provides customers with a very convenient brokerage service. We may receive a commission from the lender once your loan is approved however, we will never charge you for our brokerage services.

Simple Instant Cash Loan Approval with MobileQuid

If you need an quick cash loan all you need to do is visit our mobile optimized website and fill in a simple application form. We will then take 3 minutes or less to match you up with a lender that suites your needs. We will then direct you to the lender that has approved your sameday micro loan application and you may then have to confirm the application via SMS, phone or email.

MobileQuid Instant Loan Benefits

  • Get an instant loan of between £100 and £500  
  • Representative APR of 993%
  • Complete the entire application on your mobile

Fast approval About MobileQuid’s Instant Cash Loans

MobileQuid is a registered credit broker that can help you find a short-term cash loan that suits your needs, regardless of what you need the money for. We have a large panel of top lenders and service providers that we will present your loan request to. This will save you from having to run around comparing different offers and lenders and all this can be done in a matter of minutes from your mobile phone!

What happens if Mobile Quid cannot help me get an Instant Cash Loan?

In the rare event that MobileQuid cannot match you up with a lender we may forward your details to a broker who may be able to provide you with the instant cash loan you're looking for. The broker may charge you fees for their services however; they will always request your consent to charge these fees and we can guarantee that these brokers are licensed.

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