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About – is a personal loan company that truly understands your financial needs.

Quick cash and flexible terms

We provide immediate cash advances with a variety of flexible repayment solutions. A little cash can sometimes mean a lot!

Select a loan amount that suits you

You can choose the maximum sameday cash loan amount you qualify for, being the highest amount we can give you relative to your salary or a smaller amount. You must then pay this off when your next pay day comes around.

With our fast and secure application form, getting an instant cash loan couldn't be easy easier. We have designed quick decision lending technology and products with our customers in mind; we want to get your the short term financial support you need now, and help build your credit score long term.

Build your credit score 

We make repaying a loan fun and rewarding through the use of achievements and personal finance challenges. We get you the quick cash you need right now, and the good credit history you need for the future! We get you a loan faster and easier than anyone else.

We can instantly approve and instantly deposit your loan, right into your bank account.

We know it all sounds too good to be true, and it is but, we make it possible. Try it and see for yourself.

Services –

Instant loans work in a similar manner to standard loans except the entire interaction between the lender and customer happens online - and with no paperwork. Similarly as with a bank, you must have proof of address in the UK, a stable income and your own banking account.

We look at your credit history but are not bound by your score 

Your past credit history will be considered and qualification will depend upon this, the instant loan amount you are looking to obtain and over what time period. The incredible thing is, each application is reviewed on an individual basis, so we may have the capacity to help, even if you have bad credit or have been turned down somewhere else.

Three easy steps to money in your wallet 

Essentially the online application can de done in minutes and we will give you an immediate decision. Once you've been approved for the sameday cash loan we will immediately credit the money to your account.

Once approved, you'll have your money fast, normally in 15 minutes. For a faster payment you will have to pay a small fee.

Money to use however you choose 

In case you're stuck in a sticky situation, you can trust to get you a loan when you need it the most.

Contact us now for quick money loans – get your trade in for spendable dough minutes, and get the financial flexibility you require.

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Hygeia House, 66 College Road
United Kingdom

Phone: 0845 259 1911

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