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About Magellan Homeloans

For over 7 years, millions of UK residents have dreamt of owning a home only to awaken to closed doors, obstacles and excuses.

And it’s primarily due to a poor experience starting with the home lending process. At Magellan Home loans, trading name of Mars Capital Finance Limited, our mission is to simplify and streamline the lending process, and to open more doors to homeownership with flexible lending products and exceptional service.

Quick financial solutions

We help our customers discover the solutions that best fit their unique situation. Starting with the fact that the word “no” isn’t in our vocabulary. If one solution isn’t working for our customers, we simply find another. And unlike big, impersonal banks we’re local and work with the speed and convenience that it takes to make a deal close. Enjoy a whole new lending experience with Magellan Home loans.

A unique service

We are more than a home loan institute, Magellan Home loans offer new mortgage loans to customers that have experienced a one-off life event that led to an adverse credit history such as mortgage arrears, CCJs, bankruptcy, IVA, debt relief order, debt management plan, or defaults. Contact us today, let us take care of your mortgage even if you have a less than perfect credit history, tell us why and maybe we can still get the help and finance you need.

Magellan Homeloans Services

When you're prepared to discover your fantasy home, come to Magellan Home loans for the financing to get it going.

Let our accomplished professionals walk you through each one stage of the loan prepare so you can make sure you get a loan that meets your individual needs. It's not difficult to begin. Apply today!

Easy home finance

Purchasing a home surprisingly can be a troublesome and confusing undertaking. Discovering the ideal home is hard enough - getting the financing shouldn't be. Don't let the methodology overpower you. Let our professional counsel's aide you through the methodology from beginning to end. You can rely on the learning of our staff to answer your inquiries and help you in selecting the best loan alternative for your home.

Compare rates and offers

It is safe to say that you are getting the best rate on your home loan? Why not check our rates and check whether we can't provide for you a superior arrangement? By and large, rates have dropped and you can refinance to get a lower regularly scheduled instalment. In the event that you've paid off a noteworthy bit of your home or it has gone up in quality since you purchased it, you may meet all requirements for a Home Equity Loan.

Magellan Homeloans – Home loan

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Benefits of Magellan Homeloans

  • HOME Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans
  • QUICK Loans
  • BAD Credit Loans

Magellan Home Loans can help you get an affordable home loan

Get a loan or a line of credit to use for a mixture of purposes to meet the changing money needs of your gang.

Pay for home enhancements, instruction costs, consolidating higher rate adjusts, and a great deal more.

An intermediary service

Magellan Homeloans works as an intermediary service provider and provides home loans through Mars Capital Finance Limited. Our home loan services and products are specifically designed and appropriately suited to individuals who have been turned away by mainstream lenders and building societies due to not meeting their strict requirements. This may be as a result of some income complexities or negative factors appearing on their credit report which, strictly speaking, can be reasonably explained.

We will assist you

We will assist with the entire loan application process from both an administrative and legal standpoint to help you get a suitable home loan. Get a home loan or remortgage from Magellan Homeloans Whether you're looking to buy a property or remortgage Magellan Homeloans can assist you by providing you with a home loan. We provide home loans of to £1M and, where specifically requested over £1M with a loan term of up to 30 years. Our repayment home loans are repaid by direct debit and by the end of the selected loan term you will have repaid the entire loan amount including interest.

Home loan options available from Magellan Homeloans

  • Fixed rate home loan or remortgage for a term of 2 years after which a variable rate following LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) applies for the remainder of the loan term (up to 30 years)
  • A fixed-rate home loan or remortgage for a term of 3 years after which a variable rate following LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) applies for the remainder of the loan term (up to 30 years)
  • Variable interest rate home loan or remortgage following LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) applies for the remainder of the loan term (up to 30 years) Applying for a Home Loan from Magellan Homeloans Magellan Homeloans will assist with mortgage valuations subject to a predetermined application assessment fee.

Our current Representative Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 5.9% with a maximum loan term of 30 years for both fixed and variable interest rate products as well as remortgages. Our home loan products are only available to people introduced to us by professional intermediaries who are required to pay an intermediary advice fee.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

The best part about the company is that you can choose how much you would like to loan and they will help you decide whether it’s a good amount for your wages.

Charmaine L
— Surrey —

September 2019

They are a very unique company offering you big loans over a loan period of time and that has helped us to get our home and we couldn’t be happier.

Joan B
— Essex —

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