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About – Guardian Homeloans

Guardian Homeloans offers home loan finance to purchase a current property and/or purchase a stand and make the home of your dream a reality. At Guardian Homeloans we pride ourselves in offering the services of a group of exceedingly experienced and enthusiastic individuals, all eager to help you with your home loan application. Our online applications are snappy and productive - just visit our website to find out more! 


We visualize ourselves as being the home loan masters that conduct business decently and ensures great administration and respects the laws and regulations of the industry. Guardian Homeloans assumes its part inside the distinctive communities in which it works together and brings social upliftment and social participation.


Our clients have certain expectations that we intend to exceed - our home loans are affordable and we help you with every aspect of the process. 


Making of worth is key to the exercises of the company.


Staff who appreciate work and have a great time.

Conveyance OF SERVICE

An attempt to enhance and give the best at all times must be made. We intend to display:

  • Trustworthiness - To be completely forthright when taking care of all undertakings of Guardian Homeloans and Clients and in addition being fair with ourselves.
  • Regard - To approach others with deference at all times so we can be approached with deference.
  • Enthusiasm - To be enthusiastic about our work and make attempts to exceed expectations in all that we do.
  • Imagination - To attempt at all times to discover better ways and better our processes to make lending easier for our clients.

Services – Guardian Homeloans

We will help you with requesting a home loan that best suits your needs. As one of the top bond originators in the UK, we arrange on your benefit to secure the most cost successful home loan for you as quickly as possible.

Less Paperwork

We complete all the structures for your benefit, and just need faxed or messaged archives and a rundown of income and costs.

Spare You Time

No compelling reason to shop around and remain in lines for a considerable length of time, everything is carried out through telephone/fax/email/online.

While purchasing a house can be an energizing experience, it can likewise be a great degree distressing methodology, loaded with uneasiness and vulnerability.

Personal Service 

This is the reason we welcome you to venture through the Guardian Home loans - to experience our personal and professional service.

Experience that Works for our Customers 

At Guardian Home loans, we all have experience and genuinely understand the business. That is the reason we can provide for you precisely what you require.

We additionally offer you the significant serenity that we can seek after a scope of decisions for your benefit. We will discover you a home loan that fits your prerequisites.

Gaurdian Home loans offers customers a one-stop service to cater for all your property and financing needs.

We aim to:

  • Understand the remarkable needs of every customer and;
  • obtain the best conceivable home loan
  • in the shortest time
  • with the minimum hassle

Summary of Services

  • Home loans

Contact Details

Finance House, Hillock Lane
United Kingdom

Phone: 0800 279 1279 / 01704 888825


Postal Address

Guardian Homeloans Finance House Hillock Lane,
Scarisbrick Ormskirk
L40 9QA
United Kingdom

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