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About – GE Money

We are financial masters with experience in the finance and home loan industry. We offer you mastery and exactness in our interface with financial foundations.

Notwithstanding a brilliant approval rate, GE Money offers a personalized service to all customers. 

Expertise and no hidden fees 

Utilizing our expertise, we help home purchasers and financial organizations to discover the ideal fit in the most brief time. Our exceedingly personalized administration is free of concealed expenses.

Benefits of GE Money's Services 

  • Expert evaluation of your needs that prompts an answer which fits your prerequisites, precisely. An average and bother free experience;
  • GE Money has direct contracts with financial items and administrations to address your needs. There are no mediators to cause deferrals or errors;
  • Quick turnaround times at the best conceivable rates.
  • When you come through GE Money, we guarantee that you get EXACTLY what you require.

Attempting to get a home loan?

Do you have a complicated financial history? Is your risk profile short of perfect? Your property valuation lower than you had anticipated?

At GE Money, we will go the extra mile for you. Once in a while, this implies overcoming a poor credit record or figuring out how to compensate for a low property valuation.

We make the home buying process as easy as one, two and three!

GE Money's easy to understand processes concentrate on your most pressing needs and on exhibiting a positive risk profile to the financial organization to acquire the best interest rate on your home loan.

We can evaluate your needs and translate them into actionable activities to resolve them as promptly as possible. 

Services – GE Money

A huge number of UK residents have longed to own a home and to be let down by other home loan companies which ruins their hopes and dreams of being a home owner is awful. At GE Money, our central goal is to streamline the home loaning process and to open more avenues to homeownership with adaptable loaning items and extraordinary service.

We help you find a solution to meet your needs 

We help our customers discover the arrangements that best fit their extraordinary circumstances, beginning with removing the word "no" from our vocabulary. On the off chance that one arrangement isn't working for our customers, we will work hard to discover an alternative. We're a local lender and work with the speed and convenience that it takes to make a home loan go through flawlessly. Call or visit GE Money today to appreciate an entire new lending experience. 

Know your budget 

It's vital to know the amount that you can afford when looking to buy a home. You can do this by working out how much you can comfortably afford to repay every month on your home loan and work from there. You must ensure this amount fits in comfortably with your monthly budget. 

Our experts are here to help you

A personalized methodology session with a trusted home loan professional ought to address the majority of your beginning loan support questions, and in addition uncover any potential difficulties that can complicate the whole exchange. The home purchasing procedure has numerous steps, which can be overcome with the right experts on your side.

Communication as a vital part of the process 

Purchasing another home is actually a group activity since there are such a large number of errands, essential timetables, archives and obligations that all need unique care and consideration.

Other than working with a professional group that you trust, it’s critical that the individual players can viably communicate and execute on essential choices together also.

Summary of Services

  • Home loans

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GE Money Home Lending, Building 4, Hatters Lane, Croxley Green Business Park
East England
United Kingdom

Phone: 0845 070 4299 / 0800 316 1642


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GE Money Home Lending PO Box 912
NP20 9PB
United Kingdom

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