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About – Zopa

Our business has three fundamental departments:

  • Review and approval - Where the group concentrates on your loan acquisiton process and consultng with you on the best possible path to take. 
  • Settlement - Our agents take care of your loan settlement and provide you with ongoing support. 
  • Debt Negotiation - Zopa will arrange, on your behalf, rebates on the majority of your unsecured credits (e.g. Credit Cards). We offer debt consolidation administration and advice.

From the minute you sign with us all instalments are suspended and all calls can be instantly forwarded to us.

Our commitments

Zopa commits itself to bail people out of their troublesome financial circumstances - be it through credit consolidation, bankruptcy or simple advices and support. 

Back payments

In the event that your bills and debts are past due you could contact us and we can help get your creditors off your back, consolidate you loans and help you get your life back on track. 

Back payments & Defaults

We can also help refinance your home loan if a better rate is available or you would like to apply for a secured debt consolidation loan. 

Zopa - Giving individuals and families a place to go to get the help they need to get rid of bad debt abd start living better. 

Services – Zopa

Would consolidation of your bills offer you the financial flexibility you seek? At Zopa, we offer a mixture of personal loan items that can lessen your regularly scheduled installments and enhance your budget simultaneously, and you may even be qualified for additional money! Our terms and installments can be custom-made to meet your budget needs. On the off chance that unforeseen bills, doctor's visit expenses or credit cards have made your budget hard to deal with, we can offer assistance. Get your bills under control with one installment, one loan, and one interest rate. It could spare you time and cash, so you can appreciate some financial breathing space.

Debt consolidation loans with one simple and reasonable installment

A debt consolidation loan helps uproot the weight of numerous bills, by combining or consolidating individual debts into a solitary loan, often with a lower general interest rate. With no punishments for extra reimbursements, a debt consolidation loan can likewise help you diminish your debt faster.So in case you're paying off your car or personal loan and credit cards, Zopa offers a consolidated answer for all these debts.

Benefits of debt consolidation with Zopa

  • Improve: One debt, one installment, one lender. By consolidating your debts, you can make one consistent reimbursement to one lender rather than a few installments to numerous lenders.
  • Save: The greatest focal point of debt consolidation is the potential for enormous reserve funds on reimbursements, general interest charges and extra fees.
  • Control: Choose an answer, term and loan reimbursements that work for you and your budget so you can be debt free sooner.

Summary of Services

  • Credit cards
  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Home improvement loans
  • Wedding loans
  • Business loans

Zopa Provides Affordable Debt Consolidation Loans

Zopa knows just how difficult it can become to manage various credit and store card debts when they’ve seemingly piled up overnight. We believe that in order for a debt consolidation loan to truly be worth it you should pay a total amount of interest that is lower than what you would have paid without the debt consolidation loan. Although we know this isn’t always the case, Zopa will offer you a solution that is as affordable as possible and let you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Features of Zopa’s Debt Consolidation Loans

  • Borrow between £1,000 and £25,000 to consolidate your debts
  • Select a loan term of between 12 and 60 months
  • Save on interest with our affordable rates
  • Lower your monthly repayments to make debt more affordable
  • Make one monthly repayment and help manage your debt better
  • Make extra payments on your debt consolidation loan or repay early at no extra cost

Why Choose Zopa 

Zopa is the UK’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform and can help you get a quick loan without having to leave the comfort of your own home! Our  loans are affordable and you can easily put an end to an unmanageable debt situation without the unnecessary stress that most brick and mortar lenders cause. We will request some basic information from you, send you a quote and then wait for you to make your formal application.

Zopa Loan Application Process

Since Zopa is an online peer-to-peer lender, the entire application process must be completed online. The first step is to enter your desired loan amount and loan term to get an idea of what our rates are and what your monthly repayments will be. You will then fill out our simple quotation form, where you will specify that you're looking for a debt consolidation loan, and we will provide you with a quotation after running a “soft” credit check on you. Once you approve the quotation you can then proceed to fill out the application form for your loan.

Contact Details

6th Floor, 90 Fetter Lane
Greater London
United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7580 6060
Email: contactus@zopa.com

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