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About – uSwitch

Welcome to uSwitch; we are a goal driven and imaginative finance website - we enable customers to compare financial items including payday loans, personal loans, debt consolidation loans, home loans and even credit cards. 

Too many offers making it hard to decide?

In the event that you, in the same way as other UK residents, are confused about what is on offer at the different lenders, what items will suit your needs best and which lenders will work best for you - uSwitch can help you.

Whether you're looking for a short term loan or a large debt consolidation loan we can help you find the best offers on the market.

This is what we bring to the table:

  • we are here to guarantee that you don't squander valuable time scanning for the data you require before settling on your choice.
  • we offer an extensive variety of comparisons from a cluster of suppliers.
  • we aim to make life less demanding for you by comparing the different financial organizations' items and bundles.
  • simplifying the whole process through comparisons from financial administration offering you a far clearer point of view on the different items on offer.
  • comparisons are intended to tailor to your individual prerequisites.

uSwitch is here to help you find quick loans, debt consolidation loans, loans for bad credit and even credit cards among other lending products. 


Services – uSwitch

Spare hundreds of pounds  in interest charges by arranging a superior interest rate or consolidating your debt - we can help you find the best loans on the market in one simple click.

The benefits of utilizing uSwitch:

  • comparisons will reveal to you which debt consolidation loans are best for your individual needs
  •  we will help you find items which are customized to fit inside your budget
  • you don't need spend hours to get the data you need in regards to loans, personal loans, diverse interest rates, loan terms and lender - we've done the work for you

What a debt consolidation loan can do

In the event that you have different, high-interest, unsecured loans or credit card debt, a debt Consolidation Loan may be a decent approach to lower what you pay in interest and diminish your debt to one simple regularly scheduled installment.

uSwitch will source the best lender to consolidate your debt and get the best conceivable rate for you.

Easy online application with most lenders

You can even apply for a loan online from the comfort and security of your own home and, by and large, get an instant decision. We will let you know what you may save in terms of interest or talk with a consultant who can survey your circumstances and make recommendations that are a good fit for you.


Summary of Services

  • Personal loans
  • Home loans
  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Secured loans
  • Home loans

Compare Top Debt Consolidation Loans with uSwitch

uSwith is passionate about helping people find financial services and products that help them save. If you currently have many high-interest debts and are struggling to cope you may be considering applying for a debt consolidation loan. uSwith makes it easy to find and compare all the top debt consolidation loan offers on the market in one place. Our loan comparison tables will show you the debt consolidation loan features of a variety of different lenders so that you know where to start your search.

How uSwitch will help you find a Loan that’s Right for you

If you think that a debt consolidation loan could help you save and better manage your debts then all you have to do to start the process is visit our website. You can select a loan amount of between £500 and £35,000, depending on how much your existing debts total, and then you can select an appropriate loan term ranging between 6 months and 15 years. You will then see a list of different debt consolidation loan products starting with the most affordable and best suited one in a list format.

What uSwitch’s Consolidation Loan Comparison will Show you

Once you’ve selected a loan amount and loan term that best meets your needs our list of matching debt consolidation loans will show you how much you're likely to repay in total based on the lenders Representative APR, what your monthly repayments will be as well as the eligibility requirements and special features of the specific consolidation loan. You can also view a handy representative example to help you compare the various products. Once you’ve found the right debt consolidation loan all you need to do is click on the “Apply” link and you will be redirected to the appropriate lenders application page.

Benefits of Using uSwitch to Find a Loan

  • Get instant access to a host of providers and consolidation loan products without any effort
  • Search for a debt consolidation loan you can qualify for
  • Easily compare different debt consolidation loan products at the click of a button
  • Save time by comparing different debt consolidation loans instantly
  • Search for debt consolidation loans without doing damage to your credit score

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