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Nationwide is a leading online lender that offer customers quick cash solutions at low rates. We're a reputable lender that offers an array of products including; credit cards, personal loans, home loans, vehicle finance, foreign exchange, current accounts and savings accounts among many others.

Debt affects us all

Bad debt is one of the most popular search terms on the internet and, for good reason. People simply don’t know how to manage debt responsibly and it’s not our fault either, with an increase in online lending - people can get a payday loan instantly and are constantly tempted to buy things, take out loans and simply spend their money.

The temptations are out there

The problem is, when interest rates rise and the costs of living increase - people are left with a lot more money at the end of their month and are further tempted to take on more debt. This pushes people into a spiral of debt that is very difficult to get out of and soon enough they start missing payments, damaging their credit and feeling miserable about it all. At Nationwide, we don't offer bad credit loans because we know that taking on more debt will simply make things worse.

Debt consolidation - can it help?

A debt consolidation loan may be able to help if you have a lot of unsecured debt but it won't necessarily save you money at the end of the day since you'll have to pay interest for a lot longer than if you were to retain many smaller loans. If you're considering loan consolidation contact Nationwide - we can advise you on whether this is a good option or, suggest alternatives. 

Services – Nationwide

Tame your debt with a Nationwide debt consolidation loan; we can help make an unpleasant circumstance more easy and help you deal with your debt in the most efficient way.

Will Consolidation work for you?

In the event that you are inundated with debt from credit cards, store cards or different loans, a debt consolidation loan in the form of a personal loan can help you deal with the debt. A personal loan with a lower altered interest rate makes paying off debt simpler and gives a fixed reimbursement structure by moving a few debts into one loan with one month to month reimbursement.

Lower Rates - easier payments

You could secure a lower, fixed rate debt consolidation loan that can help you wipe out hundreds of pounds in future interest installments. Control your budget by combining numerous higher-interest bills–such as credit cards, retail chain cards or doctor's visit expenses into one convenient regularly scheduled installment.

Know where you stand from day one

You'll know from the very beginning precisely how quickly you can pay off your debt consolidation loan. You pick the timetable that best fits your financial circumstances based on income, expenses and the size of your combined debt. We will then be able to tell you what interest rate we can offer, confirm the loan amount, tell you how much it will cost in total and when you will be able to pay it off.

Apply for a loan online today and start your journey towards being debt-free! 

Summary of Services

  • Personal Loans
  • Quick Personal Loans
  • Debt consolidation
  • Car Loans
  • Credit Cards

Get a Personal Loan from Nationwide and get your Finance Back on Track

Nationwide has one of the most affordable debt consolidation loan rates available on the market. Getting a debt consolidation loan through Nationwide is simple, convenient and most of all, affordable. If you're looking for a loan to finally get a handle on all your unsecured debts, Nationwide’s consolidation loans can do the job at an extremely affordable rate with unmatched flexibility.

Nationwide Loan Repayment Details

Your first monthly repayment will be debited from your account 30 days after the debt consolidation loan is paid into your account. We have no hidden fees and will only charge you an additional 30 days worth of interest if you decide to settle the debt consolidation loan early. You can request a settlement quotation at any point during the loan term and this quote will remain valid for up to 28 days.

Top Features of Nationwide’s consolidation Loans

We provide loans to new and existing customers of between £1,000 and £25,000 with a loan term of between 1 and 5 years, which means that you can find a quick loan to suit your budget, no problem! Our Representative Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is currently sitting at the incredibly low figure of just 3.4%, which rivals all other mainstream and online lenders. We also do not charge any arrangement fees.

Criteria for a Debt consolidation 

To be eligible for a personal or debt consolidation loan with Nationwide you must be over the age of 18, have an annual income of £10,000 or more, be a UK resident and have a bank account that supports direct debits. We will run a credit search to ensure that you can afford the debt consolidation loan and will offer you an APR based on your own individual financial circumstances.

The entire debt consolidation loan application process can be done online and we recommend that you make use of our budget calculator to work out exactly what you can afford before filling out the online loan application. We also recommend that you add up all of you existing debts and check to see if you’ll save on interest by taking out a debt consolidation loan with us.

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