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At Barclays, our emphasis is on getting you the loan you need in the fastest conceivable way and make sure you're not blocked by red tape, paperwork and long waiting periods; we know you have more important things to be doing.

Losing grip on your debt?

Moving up in life means that you'll inevitably get into some form of debt - starting off with your student loan and car loan to a mortgage and a stack of credit cards - it seems to all pile up overnight.

If you're experiencing difficulty managing your debts, whether from a financial respect or a pure management standpoint - consolidating your debt may help.

What is debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is simply the process of paying off many unsecured debts off with the aid of one bigger loan. This does one of two things; it either makes the debt easier to manage since you won't have to keep track of multiple repayments or it reduces the total amount of money that you pay towards your debt on a monthly basis.

Barclays offer debt consolidation loans that can do both.

Get a loan from Barclays

When we get your application we check it against our loaning criteria, in the event that everything looks great on our end, we will approve your credit and transfer it to you immediately - now that's an instant cash loan like no other! 

Services – Barclays

Not looking forward to the end of the month in light of those heaps of bills in the letter box? Why not consider taking out a debt consolidation loan to better manage your debts and even reduce the total monthly repayments? For example, your personal loans, store cards and credit cards can be combined under one consolidated loan which could carry a lower combined interest and save you money in the long run.

We offer you a debt consolidation loan with a single, convenient monthly repayment which may carry a lower interest than your unsecured debts combined. These loans may not be the solution for everyone - as circumstances differ quite greatly, however, we will endeavor to mould the loan to your individual needs as far as possible.

When consolidation may make sense:

  • You're behind on your debt payments
  • You're battling to oversee loans and debts
  • Your interest payments are high
  • Your debts are primarily unsecured

Simple way to become debt free

There is nothing complex about debt consolidation; it involves exchanging many small loan for a bigger loan that is easier to manage and may carry a lower interest. The best results are attained to when the new loan has a lower interest rate, however many people choose a debt consolidation loan simply to reduce their monthly repayments and make it easier to afford.

Here at Barclays we want to help enable people and businesses get what they need. Contact us today, make your finances work for you.

Summary of Services

  • Online Debt Consolidation Loan
  • Home loans
  • Business Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Instant Cash Loans

Get a Debt Consolidation Loan from Barclays

If you’re struggling to manage your debts you could be eligible for a debt consolidation loan from Barclays. We offer debt consolidation loans of between £1,000 and £50,000 to both new and existing Barclays customers. You can select a convenient loan term of between 24 and 60 months depending on the loan amount you choose. For debt consolidation loans of between £7,500 and £15,000 our Representative APR is an affordable 4.9%.

Consolidation at Barclays

We have a representative APR of just 4.9% but the APR you’ll be offered on your loan will depend on your credit score, history and personal risk assessment profile. If you bank with Barclays you may already qualify for provisional short term loan. If so, you simply have to click on the offer, fill in the agreement form, which will require you to verify some information and your debt consolidation loan will be credited to your account!

Get a Personalized Quote from Barclays

Barclays offer you a way to find out if you qualify for a loan and get a price quotation that price quotation that will allow you to see what APR we will offer you before you formally apply for the credit and, without a credit check. Barclays also offers a price guarantee which you can claim under should another lender offer you a lower rate for a like-for-like loan. We also offer you the convenient option of repaying your quick loan early at any time either partially or completely with an additional charge of only 1 month’s interest on the repaid amount.

Minimum Requirements for Getting a Consolidation Loan at Barclays

In order to qualify for an instant cash loan with Barclays you will have to undergo a credit check that will determine your ability to afford and manage the debt consolidation loan. We require that you be over the age of 18 but do not require you to put up security to secure the debt consolidation loan. You will have to prove that you are able to afford the loan and this can be done by providing us with at least 3 months worth of pay slips. You cannot use the debt consolidation loan to settle CCJ’s or apply for one if you're currently bankrupt or have an IVA.

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