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About Saga

At Saga, we are always following the credit card business sector to bring you quick and convenient credit card offers.

Credit card offers are exhibited side by side so you can undoubtedly compare interest rates, yearly fees and rewards and - the sky is the limit from there!

Compare our great credit card Offers

Each offer shows the yearly rate (APR), any yearly charges, the rewards, limitations, maximum credit limits and more. Your credit rating is important for support and different insights about the offer.

Look at the credit card catalogue by sort of card, which incorporates low-interest cards, reward cards, travel/carrier cards, money back cards, and business cards. When you have chosen the credit card you can then complete an online credit card application - and at times, get a decision immediately.

Find the right card for you

Saga makes hunting down the right credit cards both fast and simple; visit our site often for the most recent offers. Striving for sheer excellence we're continually paying special attention to your best interests and most pressing needs. As a company, we advance and energize the lending industry by choosing to stay ahead of our competitors and by ensuring we're always at the forefront of innovative and technological lending and banking services.

Saga Services

The Saga Platinum Credit Card can offer you flexibility, 0% balance transfer and 0% purchases as well as an unmatched 0% foreign currency conversion fee abroad at an unbelievably low rate of just 11.9%!

Points of interest when requesting a credit card:

  • Purchase power and ease of purchase - Credit cards can make it simpler to purchase things. If you don't prefer to carry a lot of money with you or, if a company doesn't allow cash exchanges (for instance most aerial transports, inns, and car rental organizations), putting purchases on a credit card can make purchasing things simpler.
  • Protection of purchases - credit cards might also offer you extra insurance if something you have purchased is lost, damaged, or stolen. Both your credit card articulation (and the credit card company) can vouch for the way that you have made a purchase if the first receipt is lost or stolen. Also, some credit card companies offer protection on extensive buys.
  • Building a credit line - Having a decent credit history is often essential, not just when requisitioning credit cards, additionally when seeking services, for example, loans, rental applications, or even a few occupations. Having a credit card and utilizing it cleverly (setting aside a few minutes and in full every month) will help you fabricate a decent credit history.
  • Emergencies - Credit cards can be helpful in times of crisis. While you ought to abstain from spending outside your budget (or cash you don't have!), now and then crises may prompt an expansive buy (like the requirement for a rental car or a hotel for a few evenings). It can also prevent you from taking out expensive credit like payday loans

Saga – Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards
  • Interest Rate from 19.6%

Benefits of Saga

  • Quickly compare credit cards
  • Simple online loan application
  • No foreign currency fees

Get Saga’s great all rounder credit card and save

To apply you can contact us telephonically or complete the entire application process online.

Once you’ve been approved you’ll be contacted by Allied Irish Banks who is the provider and they will issue your credit card.

Credit card benefits

Notwithstanding the profits recorded over, some credit cards offer extra advantages, for example, discounts from specific stores or companies, rewards, for example, free aerial shuttle miles or travel discounts, and extraordinary protections (like travel or life coverage.) While the vast majority of these profits are intended to encourage you to charge more cash on your credit card, the benefits are genuine and can be useful.

Platinum 0% interest promotional offers

When you use your card abroad to make payments and purchases you will not be charged currency fees to these transactions. This ensures that you can travel with peace of mind and use it without being charged excessive fees that other credit card providers charge and without having to carry cash or traveller's cheques. We also offer a 0% interest for any and all purchases made within the promotional period and 0% interest on any balance transfers made.

Do I qualify for Saga’s Platinum credit card?

If you’re aged over the age of 50 and are a resident of the UK with proof of address, have a good credit history and an income of over £12,000 then you are eligible for Saga’s Platinum credit card. All you need to do is contact us by telephone or visit our website and complete our simple credit application form.

Features, fees and details

  • Representative 11.9% APR variable
  • 0% interest on purchases made for 9 months
  • The annual rate of 19.6% per annum for cash advances
  • 0% interest for balance transfers for 9 months
  • Cash advances at 19.6% per annum
  • Credit limit £500 and maximum credit limit subject to your personal status
  • 2% cash advance fee
  • No foreign currency fees
  • £5 fee for statements Supreme Security

Features of Saga’s platinum credit card

Our credit cards come with industry-leading security features in association with Visa International for protection when transacting online. You can then rest assured that you're protected when you use any Visa verified trader which can be identified by the “verified by visa” logo.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2019

Filling in the online application for my credit card was simple. And minutes later, I had a decision.

Daniel W
— Newcastle-upon-Tyne —

June 2019

I think your service is very handy. It certainly made finding a credit card suited to my needs so much easier, so thank you!

Joey E
— Southampton —

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