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About MBNA

Life can throw you some curveballs and MBNA try their best to help their customers when in need.

Get your credit card today. From unexpected bills, emergency repairs, and new business ventures, MBNA is always at your service.

MBNA originally stood for Maryland Bank National Association. They were founded in 1982 and were a part of the Maryland National Bank. They began issuing credit cards in 1993. MBNA is based in Chester in the UK. In 2017, MBNA joined the Lloyds Banking Group.

MBNA can help you with a credit card

MBNA offers you a credit card facility where you are able to swipe for things that you don't currently have any money for and pay it off later. MBNA has a variety of credit cards to choose from, suitable to your needs.

A credit card that will simplify your life

Finally, somebody that understands. At MBNA, they offer all of the things that make life easier. Contactless payments, speedier transfers, and of course, mobile apps are all a part of this list. Being able to take care of financial admin faster and easier is one of the things that MBNA firmly stands by.

MBNA likes to give

MBNA is a principal sponsor for a housing theatre and library in Chester, called Storyhouse. This is a modern space for the community to meet, create, and be entertained by shows, exhibits and so much more. There is a link on the MBNA website where you can check out all of the times, dates, and what is showing or happening at Storyhouse.

MBNA Services

A personal loan or a credit card can make life a million times easier when life throws an unexpected crisis your way.

The UK’s trusted credit card provider

You need to be 18 and over. You will be able to choose how much money you need to borrow, at a very low and reasonable rate. If you are taking out a personal loan you will be able to choose over what period of time you will be able to pay it back.

The great part about getting a credit card is that you will only pay for what you use at a much lower rate. A personal loan or credit card can be taken out for anything. Buying a car, a wedding budget, home improvements, debt consolidation and even taking your family on an extravagant holiday.

MBNA offers different credit card options to suit your financial needs.

  • Balance transfer credit cards – will give you time to repay whatever debt you owe.
  • Transfer and purchase credit cards – this card has everything in one. You can use it for transfer options or buy your monthly groceries or business needs.
  • Purchase credit cards – You can purchase whatever you need or want and pay it your way.
  • Money transfer credit card – this card will allow you to transfer money to your current account and make use of the funds from there.

Knowing whether or not a credit card is the right option for you is based solely on what the money is needed for and how you are planning on using it.

MBNA – Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards
  • Interest Rate from 18.9%

Benefits of MBNA

  • Rewards credit cards
  • Low rate credit cards
  • Credit building credit cards

Get a credit card that suits your needs at MBNA

You will not regret applying for a credit card with MBNA.

They are fast, reliable, and efficient credit card providers in the UK. You can apply in minutes and access the cash flow you need in an instant.

Getting a credit card from MBNA

The amount of money that you can borrow is based on your financial status. MBNA will not lend you an amount of money that you will not be able to pay back.

To see your eligibility for a credit card through MBNA, you can do the eligibility checker that they provide you with, called Clever Check. Clever Check is a soft search eligibility checker, so it does not affect your credit score and other lenders can't see your search.

Applying for a credit card

In order to apply for a credit card, you first need to do an eligibility checker. Once deemed okay to apply, you can go through the following steps.

Step 1

Click on the button that says I'm ready to apply.

Step 2

You will be taken through to an online form application where you will need to enter all of your personal details.

Step 3

After that, the website will take you through to an online application form. Once applied, you should be able to receive your feedback within 5 minutes of applying.

MBNA credit card benefits

  • Enjoy a quick online application.
  • The Clever Check eligibility checker is a soft search.
  • You receive your answer in 5 minutes.
  • Credit card options to suit you.
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MBNA is a trusted & reliable provider of credit cards

In our review, MBNA adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

MBNA is a registered credit provider in UK: FSA 204487

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2021

I have owned an MBNA credit card for years now and I love that I have another option if ever I need that little bit extra that month.

Jessie M
— Bath —

September 2021

Loans have never been my go-to when I am in need of money, I usually just push through and save for a few years. But I recently decided to renovate our home as our family circumstances changed an...

Kate M
— Manchester —

August 2021

Having no money is always a depressing thing in our house. Covid has not been easy on our family, as I am a teacher and my husband owns a shop. We have landed up in bad debt in the past. MBNA's c...

Kylie J
— York —

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