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Capital One

  • Credit cards up to £12,000
  • Apply online
  • Low-interest starting from 34.9%

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About Capital One

Let Capital One help you with a credit card that will fit your needs.

They will be able to assist you with the financial issues that life throws at you and give you the support you deserve. Your well-being is a high priority for them, and they will go the extra mile to offer you the most competitive credit card in the UK.

A safe and secure credit card

The greatest part of getting a Capital One credit card is that you are automatically registered to buy online without a worry in the world.

Several levels of security are used to make sure your information is safe and secure. They also have a credit blog that will help you to gain information on your credit score. There are even some great tips to make better choices when handling your credit card.

Improve your credit score

Enjoy easy access to their credit score tool that is free to use. This can help you to take control and improve your credit score. One of the biggest benefits is you do not even have to be a Capital One customer to utilize this tool.

The benefit of a great credit score is that it will enable you to access more credit when you apply for a credit card.

A top-scored credit card provider

Capital One is one of the UK`s top ten credit card providers with a 4Star rating. Enjoy managing your money effortlessly with a company that cares about your wellbeing. They also offer impeccable service as they will always put their clients first. 

Capital One Services

Capital One spoils you with services and credit card options to choose from.

Credit cards are not always easy to find, but Capital One can assist you to make the correct choice clearly and straightforwardly. Enjoy getting a no-stress and no-hassle credit card tailored to your needs and budget.

Types of low-interest credit cards

The classic credit card

Over 4 million people have already been approved for the classic credit card. This credit card is ideal for you if you have a bad credit record or you are someone that is just starting with no credit record at all.

The balance transfer credit card

How will you feel to have an interest-free purchase for the first three months after joining? If your answer is yes to the above and you enjoy shopping, this is most definitely the card for you. This is also an interest-free credit card for up to 24 months. So you can save some money, without worrying about the interest adding up.

You can access up to £8.000 if you have an excellent credit record. This card will be a lifesaver if an unforeseen expense or emergency comes to knock on your door.

Only pay for what you use

A minimum amount needs to be paid each month based on the amount you used. You will be informed with a monthly statement that will be explained to you in detail. So, you will always be fully aware of what you will need to pay.

Capital One – Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards
  • Interest Rate from 34.9%
  • Loan Amount up to £12,000

Benefits of Capital One

  • Interest-free for 56 days
  • Good for people with a bad credit history
  • Apply and get a response in 60 seconds

Build your credit with a credit card from Capital One

Make the best use of your credit card and find some helpful tips and hints on the Capital One website.

Do not let choosing a credit card be an overwhelming choice to make. Capital One has so much to offer you. Access the best credit card options with a company that would be very happy to have you as a client. Apply today and get the funds you need.

Requirements to apply for a Capital One credit card

  • You did not have credit cards in the past.
  • You are 21 years of age.
  • You don't have a bad payment history.
  • Have not had a bad credit record in the UK before.
  • You have an income of £20.000 per year.

Steps to apply for a Capital One credit card

Step one

Find the best credit card that will suit your budget. Capital One has a credit card repayment calculator that will help you to work out what you can afford. A hint is to always pay back more than the minimum payment, this can save you a lot on interest in the long run.

Step two

An application can be done online, it only takes a few minutes, and you will have your answer right away.

Step three

Capital One is happy to be your credit card provider and welcomes you to the Capital One family if you have succeeded in the above-mentioned steps.

Benefits Capital One credit card

  • Get a straight answer in minutes after applying.
  • Easy online credit card
  • Interest-free credit card options to choose from.
  • Travel cards are available.
  • Cashback and rewards.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2021

This bank is just amazing. I love them so much. They’ve been with me for years. This bank always has my back and is willing to help. Will never choose another bank.

Cathy B
— Liverpool —

October 2021

I have been with Capital One for such a long time and I can honestly say that I have not had a bad experience with Capital One. From their bank services to their credit cards, they have been a wo...

Odia W
— Newcastle —

August 2021

The Capital One online and app systems are comprehensive and easy to navigate. Checking, savings, and credit card accounts are all right at your fingertips and easily viewed either comprehensivel...

Robert W
— Birmingham —

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