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About Ford

Ford’s people are the pillars of our strategy and for this reason we have a comprehensive human resources strategy in place.

Our strategy is supported by internal communication, training interventions and wellness programmes to ensure that our people are well informed about what they do, that their skills are developed and that we support them in their personal wellness.

Car finance that will help you save

Much effort and resources are being channeled into the development of leadership capabilities in Ford and various initiatives are implemented to equip our leaders. Ford is a co-operative that offers a unique and trustworthy range of vehicles to suit every taste, budget and need. We also offer affordable vehicle finance on both our new and used cars.

A household name you can trust

We provide affordable and competitive financial solutions to our customers across the UK. As a caring partner, we advise and support our clients to ensure that they always receive new and existing products suited to their individual needs. We are not about making big profits for our back pockets, but rather about creating value for our clients. This is what gives us our unique reputation and influences our core values.

Ford Services

Ford can help you get one stage closer to owning your dream car. Getting the right car loan that suits you and your needs is vital, so look at Ford and it's numerous car loans advantages and a car finance arrangement to suit you.

The Ford Car Loans Advantage

Quick, simple and inviting customer service - our courteous customer service group will answer any inquiries you have and make your loan application as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Low rates and fixed repayments

We offer low and settled interest rates with flexible terms - our competitive low rates with adaptable terms will help keep your reimbursements low and your budget on point. Contact us to find out more about our competitive interest rates and flexible vehicle finance options.

Flexible reimbursement choices

Reimburse your loan as it suits you – fortnightly or month to month. You can make additional reimbursements whenever you choose without paying any penalties. In addition, you can manage your account online and stay in close contact with us if you have any inquiries or need support.

Ford – Car loan

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Benefits of Ford

  • Affordable vehicle finance
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Find a car and get finance on one platform

Car loan calculator


The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.

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Ford can help you find your dream car and supply you with the finance to buy it

Ford Credit provides competitive car loans to individuals and businesses that are in the market for a new Ford.

We understand that every Ford customer’s finances are different and that no single car loan product will suit everyone. This is why we’ve split our car loan options into four distinctive packages that each cater to a specific need but still remain flexible enough to mould to your own financial status and needs.

The vehicle of your dreams could be yours today!

Let Ford place you in the driver's seat when you finance your next vehicle through us. We will support you all through your loan application process and will ensure that you select the car loan that is perfectly suited to the vehicle you've chosen, your budget, income and of course your financial status.

We strive for excellence

The experts at Ford are proud to work for this incredible company and are determined to achieve their goals defined by initiative, effort, honesty, integrity, mutual respect, open communication, teamwork and through the use of modern innovative technology.

We attempt to be esteemed as an industry leader in customer fulfilment, execution driven deals development, financial quality and profitability. Contact us today to find out more about Fords fantastic finance deals! 

Car finance and leasing options from Ford Credit

  • Ford Personal Lease; for customers that do not want to own the car at the end of the lease period, Ford Personal Lease allows you to drive away in the Ford of your dreams. You will pay a fixed monthly rental for the entire “hire” period of between 24 and 48 months, after which you will return the vehicle.
  • Ford Acquire – our traditional Hire Purchase Car Loan; No deposit an option, fixed interest rate over a loan term of between 12 and 60 months after which you own the car. This is the most popular form of financing and is great for those who may want to trade in their Ford for a newer model during the car loan term. Note that you may not have protection against resale risk.
  • Ford Options – our Personal Contract Purchase plan; If you like the feeling of driving a new Ford, this option allows you to do just that with fixed monthly payments at a fixed interest rate. At the end of the agreement you have the option of buying the car, trading it for a new one or returning it to us, and that’s why we call this finance package Ford Options!
  • Ford Option Cashplan – Similar to the Ford Options Personal Contract Purchase Plan, the Cash plan version is ideal for clients wishing to make a big initial deposit and not be tied down by regular payments but still have the convenience of a fixed interest rate. At the end of the agreement, you can buy the car by settling the outstanding balance on the car loan, trade it for a new one or return it to us.

Staying on top of your finances with Ford Credit online services

Ford Credit clients have 24 hours access to their online account where managing your car loan and personal details is as easy and convenient as possible. You can request a settlement figure, car loan account balance and request to speak to a member of our support staff at any time that you wish simply by logging in.

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June 2019

You won’t only love the cars that you can choose from, and there is a good variety, but you will also love the savings. Ford offers a unique range of vehicles that cater to every budget, need and...

Carrie J
— Edinburgh —

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