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About Ford

Changing the way of life for many people was a man named Henry Ford.

Many years ago it all started with a dream. With their sophisticated vehicle finance, your goals can also become reachable. Sometimes life happens and you are not able to pay for that new vehicle you need upfront.

Having a reliable car is a very important part of our everyday lives. The people at Ford Finance know that with a little push in life, ordinary dreams can become reality.

A car loan could be your answer

Being able to access a car loan is probably the most popular way that people acquire their vehicles these days. Whether it is a new car or a used car, a car loan can surely make life and finances more manageable. Knowing that the right vehicle finance is within reach is reassuring. You can afford your dream car with an online loan from Ford. 

With Ford Finance you are with the best

Comparing vehicle finance options is without a doubt a good way of ensuring you get the best car loan deal. With Ford Finance you have access to a very handy comparison chart that they have compiled to show you the key features and benefits of each vehicle finance deal they offer.

Outstanding car loan service

With their simple, inviting and quick customer service, their helpful and friendly customer service group is ready to answer all your questions. They strive to make your car loan application process as smooth and hassle-free as they possibly can.

Ford Finance is a trusted household name. They provide affordable and competitive vehicle finance solutions to all their customers across the UK. They offer a unique and trustworthy range of vehicles to suit every budget and need that they may encounter.

Ford Services

When it comes to service, Ford Finance delivers on that promise.

They offer their customers competitive low interest car loans and adaptable terms. This ensures that your vehicle finance repayments are low and your budget stays in check. 

With their flexible vehicle finance repayment offers you can choose to repay your car loan as it suits you best, whether that be fortnightly or month to month. They also allow you to make extra payments on your car loan without any penalties charged.

A name you can trust

The group that everybody knows and has become a trusted name over the years had made is their business to help build a sustainable future. They advise and support their customers to ensure that they always receive new and existing products that suit them individually.

The Ford Finance group makes it their main aim to create value for each of their customers rather than focusing on big profits. That is without a doubt what gives them their unique reputation and strengthens their core values.

Ford asset protection

Like every other important item we own, our vehicles also need to be insured. An accident is often unavoidable and not being insured can make your financial situation less than ideal. In the case that your car is stolen, written off, or declared a total loss, having insurance in place can be financially life-saving.

With comprehensive motor insurance that only covers your vehicle for market value, the depreciation or loss in value after you purchased your vehicle is your loss. When you opt for asset protection, you know you will be covered for the loss of the value not covered by your insurance.

Ford – Car loan

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Benefits of Ford

  • Affordable vehicle finance
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Find a car and get finance on one platform

Car loan calculator

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Ford can help you find your dream car and supply you with the finance to buy it

Deciding to get vehicle finance from Ford Finance today might just be your answer.

Steps to owning a new vehicle

Step one

On their website, you will be able to browse the many cars they have on offer. Once you have found the vehicle you like you will be able to customize things like the colour, interior, extras, and many more. You will also be able to see whether they have stock available.

As soon as you have compiled a list of everything you want regarding your new car, there is a button that enables you to send your specifications to a dealer.

Step two

A dealer will receive your request and check on availability. As soon as possible, one of the helpful people from Ford Finance will be in touch with you.

Step three

When a dealer contacts you, they will discuss your preferences and advise you on the steps to follow for you to acquire the car and vehicle finance that you need. 

The bottom line is that vehicle finance from Ford Finance gives you the advantage of finding the car of your dreams and the vehicle finance you need all in one place. 

Benefits of a car loan with Ford Finance

  • Affordable vehicle finance.
  • Flexible repayment options on your car loan.
  • Get your car and your car loan in one place.
  • Manage your car loan
  • The well-known name you can trust for vehicle finance.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

October 2021

When we decided to buy a new car we got a recommendation from a friend to make use of Ford Finance. It was a great choice for us as we got a super deal on a car loan from them. They do live up to...

Finley J
— Manchester —

September 2021

It was great to be able to find a car and get the vehicle finance we needed all in one place. We are very happy with the service and everybody at Ford is so friendly and helpful. They gave us a g...

Sophie W
— Belfast —

September 2021

We were skeptical of buying a new car until a friend told us about the amazing deals, service, and savings at Ford Finance. We browsed their online showroom and quickly found what we wanted. They...

Florence E
— Portsmouth —

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