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We are known for quick, competitive and transparent car loans; you no longer have to wait to buy that dream car because Car Loan 4U offers unbeatable car loan deals with up to 100% finance.

We work with you to find a solution

Whether it is a new car, a pre-owned car or even a loan against a car, we can offer you a range of car loans at unbeatable interest rates and with flexible repayment options.

We aim to give our clients fast approvals, personalized service and the utmost transparency which makes us the leader in car loans in the UK.

Why use us? It’s simple, we offer:

  • a streamlined process credit application process available online
  • we find you the best interest rates on your motor loan
  • we are fast and efficient
  • we will help you even if you're struggling with bad credit

We make things happen - fast

Car Loan 4U is leading the way vehicle finance and offer super low interest rates, available from a wide range of major lenders as well as a friendly, reliable service.

Whether you are buying your next vehicle from a car dealer or buying it privately, we make the application process fast and simple – we make it happen.

Finance for a wide range of vehicle types

We specialize in all areas of motor finance, from cars and motorbikes to large trucks and trailer vehicles and more.

We can help with commercial/business vehicle loans as well. We recognize that no two customers are the same, everyone is unique and so are we. We take the time to assess your individual needs and help you find the best motor loan that works for you while you benefit long term.

Services – Car Loan 4U

The alluring idea of getting another car can often lead one to settle on ill-advised choices. When considering and settling on the different alternatives for car finance you must do a lot of research. Settling on the wrong finance choices in can have a huge financial effect down the line.

We've assembled a rundown of easy to follow tips to help you find the best motor finance bargain. Car Loan 4u has the ideal finance alternative for you to finance your car.

Pick Your Car Carefully

The greatest impact on what you pay every month is the kind of car you will be driving! Used cars are often a considerably more moderate alternative as the past owner is the one that has taken the hit on deterioration over the first couple of years. This, less expensive the car will ensure lower month to month car finance premiums.

Put Down a Greater Deposit on Your Car

With interest rates high, putting down a decent deposit on your car will have a huge effect on your month to month car finance installments. The bigger the initial deposit on your car, the lower down the month to month repayments and the less you'll have to pay in interest.

Pay as much as you can afford on month-to-month premiums

Your monthly premiums will depend on the repayment period you pick, the shorter the term the higher the premium. Be careful, however, to compare your total installment over the entire term of the arrangement so you know exactly what you're paying for the car.

Fast, efficient application process

The application process is fast, efficient and streamlined since there are no face to face interviews or long detailed paperwork to complete. This automated process is end to end, and competitive. Once you complete our online loan application form and fax your relevant documents to us, we will process your application ASAP and get back to in the shortest time possible and before you know it, the deal is done and you're driving off in your new car.

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