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About – Black Horse

For over 50 years, Black Horse has been committed to providing our clients with a great service and powerful financial expertise to help them meet their financial goals. We are proud of our longstanding history of supporting, not only our customers but, our communities, employees and shareholders.

We earn your trust through hard work

At Black Horse, we work hard to earn the trust and confidence of our stakeholders. Our culture is built on a set of key values and a commitment by our employees to always do what we know to be right. We constantly work to serve each of our valued customers in a manner deserving of their continued and earned trust.

Partnering with the communities we serve

As Black Horse evolves as a company, we take greater responsibility for responding to our customers’ vehicle purchasing credit needs and resolving concerns in a fair and timorous manner. We partner with our communities to bring new vitality to the places where we live and work and simply enhance a new way of thinking into the financial world.

Why we've been so successful

We apply knowledge, experience and innovation to develop and deliver the right car finance solutions to all of our customers - large and small, retail and commercial. These fundamental skills have been critical to our success in a highly competitive financial industry.

Achieve your financial goals with us

Our customer centric ethos working hand-in-hand with our financial capabilities and our commitment to our customers and understanding their needs, concerns and aspirations. It's this combination of financial skills and customer focus that allows us to make it easier for people to meet their most important financial goals.

We trust our people and our customers trust us

Respect for the system and our clients, understanding that great banking and customer service require speed and flexibility and streamlined services, we trust the capabilities, character and judgment of our employees, and empower them to make decisions and deliver the right quality service and value for our customers.

Services – Black Horse

Dark Horse offers car finance, with a scope of lease-to-buy and hire purchase plans.

Vehicle Finance Solutions

Financing your vehicle permits you the choice of driving the car you have always wanted without needing to have or save the whole purchase price.

We go to great lengths to help you meet the criteria set out for the vehicle finance application. Our consultants work tenaciously to get you the best arrangement conceivable and do all the leg work for you!

Refinancing your car

Refinancing your vehicle is an appealing alternative for anybody looking to reduce their month-to-month costs.

In the event that you've effectively paid back a sensible measure of your vehicle's price (or own your car) refinancing can place or you can choose to do a trade in and get some money in your pocket.

Refinancing works for anybody looking to open money esteem from their vehicles, consolidate personal debts or lessen their month to month costs.

Purchasing Another Car

When you purchase another car, you have to focus on the base value (the cost of the vehicle without any additions) and afterward include the additional costs.

You can get a decent idea of the base cost by going to various dealerships and comparing costs.

Do your research

You can also use the internet to research your options and find affordable credit solutions that meet your needs.

Remember when buying a used car, the primary holder of a vehicle has ingested the greatest bit of the vehicle's working-life and you may encounter sever problems with the vehicle later on.

Contact us today to discover which vehicle finance alternative is best for you!

Summary of Services

  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loan

Finance your Dream Car with a Car Loan from Black Horse

Black Horse is the UK’s leading providing of car loans and we offer 4 distinctive vehicle finance option to suit every individual, vehicle and budget. All of our car loans have fixed interest rates over the entire loan or contact term so you’ll have the benefit of knowing exactly how much you’ll be paying over the entire loan or contract term.

Car Loans Offered by Black Horse

  • Hire Purchase (HP) car loans; car loans available for new and used vehicles not older than 10 years between £1,000 and £250,000, flexible deposit based on status and fixed interest rate over the entire term, you own the car only after all the car loan payments have been made, if you do not keep up with the monthly repayments your vehicle may be repossessed.
  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP); car loans available for both new and used vehicles not older than 3 years of between £1,000 and £250,000, credit is deferred to the final payment at the end of the agreement after which you can make the final payment to own the vehicle, exchange the vehicle and settle the outstanding debt or return the car and pay nothing, car loan terms of between 24 and 48 months available, you cannot exceed the agreed upon mileage.
  • Personal Contract Hire (PCH); You pay an advanced rental of between 1 and 21 months depending on your status, select a mileage maximum and pay set monthly rental for a term of between 24 and 60 months, at the end of the contract term you return the vehicle, no option to own the vehicle, if you exceed the agreed upon mileage or damage the vehicle you will be required to pay penalties and damages as necessary.
  • Lease Purchase car loans; available for both new and used vehicles not older than 3 years of between £1,000 and £250,000, credit is deferred to the final payment at the end of the lease after which you must make a final payment to own the vehicle or exchange it for a newer model, you cannot, however, return the vehicle, car loan terms of between 24 and 48 months available at a budget-friendly fixed interest rate.

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St William House, Tresillian Terrace
South Wales
United Kingdom

Phone: 0844 824 8888 / 0344 824 8822

Fax: 0344 891 0079

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Black Horse Finance St William House
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United Kingdom

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