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About – Ulster Bank

Whether it's a business mortgage, short-term line of credit or long term loan, Ulster Bank offers borrowing solutions at competitive rates.

Where you'll find us

Situated across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, we meet the needs of around 1.9 million personal and business customers through 214 outlets across the island of Ireland and a business banking presence in every county.

We're passionate about finance 

Our dedicated and expert staff drive the company with their passion for finance and people, with over 6000 staff members on board, rest assured, we have you covered at any moment for any need.

Our business is formed of two distinct divisions:

  • Ulster Bank Retail Banking
  • Ulster Bank Corporate Banking

Not sure which loan type you need?

We help you find the right financing solutions suitable for you based on the amount you want to borrow, how you plan to use the funds and the type of collateral you’ll use to secure the loan.

Business Loans from Ulster Bank 

Achieve your business goals sooner with an exclusive range of business loans from Ulster Bank. Flexible solutions mean we can find the best fit for you and make it easier for you to manage your money and budget. We are committed to treating every customer as an individual and we value your thoughts on any issues concerning your relationship with us – now and going forward.

Services – Ulster Bank

We take incredible pride in our unique innovative appoach to banking and, in particular, in our capacity to structure financial solutions that meet the needs of a diverse range of people and businesses.

We are commited to business growth and development 

Ulster Bank offers short term loans as a financing alternative for people looking to start a business and do not have the required business capital. 

A few great benefits of our personal loans 

Ulster Bank's short-term loans offer you the finance you require with the adaptability and peculiarities you need.

  • funding for particular business purposes
  • competitive interest rates, settled or variable
  • flexible reimbursement options

We strive to help your business develop

We have a number of business loans that will suit your business development or venture needs.

Ulster Bank helps you with finance towards the cost of:

  • purchasing or enhancing area and structures utilized for commercial purposes
  • purchasing new or existing redesigns to premises involved by the business as an occupant
  • purchasing or enhancing new or utilized supplies (counting commercial vehicles)

Ulster Bank likewise has an extensive variety of business finance solutions, particularly customized for the SME sector.


Summary of Services

  • Flexible Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Business Loans

Competitive Business Loans from Ulster Bank

At Ulster Bank we provide both secured and unsecured business loans starting from £1,000 up to £250,000 at a variable interest rate linked to the Bank of England’s base rate or the 3-month LIBOR linked rate. Annual Percentage Rates (APR) vary based on whether loan amount, loan term and whether you opt for a secured or unsecured loan but will remain between 5.64% and 9%.

We charge an arrangement fee of 1% of the loan amount at a minimum of £150. If you would like an accurate quote on a business loan that includes APR, monthly repayments and total repayment, simply visit our website and use our free online quotation tool. We also provide you with the option of reducing your borrowing at any time during the term of the loan and you can select a loan term of up to 15 years, depending on your lending requirements.

Requirements for a Business Loan at Ulster Bank

Whether you’re an existing or new customer with Ulster Bank, you may apply for a business loan with us. In order to be eligible for a business loan you must already be trading as a registered business in the UK, be 18 years or older, require a business loan for business purposes and be able to provide us with your business accounts and existing projections. If we require any further information or supporting documentation we will contact you within 24 hours, otherwise you’ll hear from us within 3 working days regarding the business loan application.

Apply for a Business Loan at Ulster Bank

For your convenience Ulster Bank has made it possible for you to complete the entire business loan application online. Not only does this save you time and money but it ensures that you can keep track of your loan application with the click of a button. Once your business loan has been approved you will have to sign some forms, which you can either submit by post or to your nearest branch.

If you are denied a business loan at Ulster Bank, we will give you the opportunity to appeal the decision or consider alternative sources of funding, should you wish to do so.

Contact Details

2/8 Market Street
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

Phone: 03453665592 / 0845 300 2942

Email: nistartup@ulsterbank.com
Other Email: banklinesupport@rbs.co.uk

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