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At Lloyds Bank our business is understanding the needs of your local business and our passion lies in looking out for our client’s best interests. Our experts know the local climate, and will assist you in choosing the right business loan package to achieve your goals.

Why we're different to other financial institutes

  • Lloyds Bank supports all types of businesses and understand their needs.
  • Lloyds Bank is part of a sustainable finance organisation with over 240 years of experience.
  • Lloyds Bank believes in responsible lending to consumers
  • Lloyds Bank offers our clients flexible pay-out options so that they can get their funds how they need it.
  • Lloyds Bank is guided by our values and belief in our clients.

Short and Long Term Financing Needs 

Lloyds Bank provide loans to people for their short or long term financial needs. At all stages of running a business, capital is needed either for long term or short term needs for a number of reasons. It is well known that without the required capital no business can be streamlined and run successfully.

For any business, whether in initial stage or in growth phase, capital is required to keep up the momentum. Personal finance may be needed at some point in our lives for unexpected issues, or even planned expenses.

Excellent Customer Service and Business Support Services 

Lloyds Bank with over two decades of committed service and experience, continue to create a client centric financial institution, delivering expert relationship banking with that special touch.

Services – Lloyds Bank

Businesses take out commercial bank loans for a mixed number of reasons. Loans can come from different sources and can be made utilizing accounts receivable or inventory as collateral.

Acquiring cash is sometimes problamatic for a company and raises its risk. Notwithstanding the risk of whatever undertaking you are attempting, getting a business loan acquaints an alternate level of risk with your company.

Debt is a normal part of business - and we help you deal with it

Notwithstanding, debt is one of the types of financing business operations. Working capital is the cash you use to deal with your normal operations.

Businesses need loans to meet their everyday operations needs until their procuring resources are sufficient to cover their working capital needs. Banks now and again loan short-term cash to little businesses to empower them to get off the ground and develop.

Working Capital Loans

As the business becomes and their own particular resources empower them to procure cash, they can reimburse the working capital loan to the bank. Working capital loans may have higher interest rates than, for instance, land loans, since banks consider them riskier.

When you're looking to Start a new Business 

You have a decent thought and a great deal of energy for another business. What you might not have is the cash to start that business. How would you get a business loan for a new company?

Contact Lloyds Bank for another business Loan, or to purchase a current business.

Summary of Services

  • Graduate loans
  • Business Loans
  • Flexible Loan
  • Car loan
  • Home loan
  • Debt consolidation loan

Help your business grow with a business loan from Lloyds Bank

If you're looking for a business loan to grow your business Lloyds Bank is here to help. We provide short, medium and long term business loans of between £1000 and £100,000. From working capital to expansion and investment purposes, our business loans will provide you with a financing option that will help your business flourish. If you are an existing customer you can apply for a business loan of up to £10,000 online and if approved, you’ll know within minutes.

Select the Right Finance Solution for your Business

Our online business loan calculator will provide you with the most accurate interest, loan term and repayment figures – so you’ll know exactly how much you're monthly repayments will be as well as the total amount you’ll be paying over the life of the business loan. Once you’ve decided how much you want to borrow and for how long, you can visit our website and see what information and documentation we require to assess your application for a business loan. For base and fixed rate business loans of up to £50,000 we don’t charge any early repayment fees.

Business Loans Offered by Lloyds Bank:

  • Base Rate Loan – Secured and unsecured business loans available at a variable interest rate with a repayment holiday of up to three months
  • Fixed Rate Loan – Secured and unsecured business loans available at a fixed interest rate with fixed monthly repayment over the entire loan term with a repayment holiday of up to three months
  • Commercial Fixed Rate Loan – Secured and unsecured business loan of between £50,000 and £500,000 for a loan term of between one and twenty-five years, early repayment penalties may apply
  • SME Fixed Rate Loan - Secured business loan of between £50,000 and £500,000 for a loan term of between five and twenty-five years, early repayment penalties may apply

Business Loan Application Requirements

In order to assess your eligibility and help you select the right business loan product for your needs we require a range of information about you and your business. You will need to tell us why you need a business loan, how much you want and how you're planning to repay it. We will require permission from you to run a credit check on you and you business, a detailed resumes of all shareholders, a business profile and business plan that includes cash flow projections, a professional valuation of your business’ value and historical financial data among others.

Contact Details

185 Baker Street
Greater London
United Kingdom

Phone: 0845 3000 000 / 0800 056 0056

Email: complaint.info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk

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