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Lenders List is an innovative online platform that can help you decide on the right type of credit for your needs. Don’t know the difference between a fixed and variable rate mortgage? Looking for vehicle financing but don’t know where to start? Want to know if a personal loan is right for you?

Simply browse through our informative articles and you’ll soon be up-to-speed on the most relevant information and need-to-know facts.

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Micro finance & online loans in UK

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Short-term Loans

These loans come in a variety of different forms, one of the most well-known being that of…

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Vehicle Finance

When it comes to financing a vehicle we all know it’s a big financial responsibility.

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Payday Loans

People tend to take out a payday loan in the middle of the month then repay it at the end of the month.

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Loans Bad Credit

When it comes to bad credit loans not everything is clear cut as some would think.

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A better way to research & find lenders online

With the internet taking over the traditional brick-and-mortar style of lending - there are almost as many lenders as there are credit products and, this certainly makes finding the right type of finance confusing and overwhelming for most. Banks and credit providers would have you thinking that it is them who have to choose you but, with so many modern financing options available it’s you, the customer, who’s doing the choosing. Lenders List was established to take the complexity out of financing and bring you a better way to research and find lenders online.

With Lenders List you don’t need to browse through page after page of Google results to find a payday lender that is trustworthy and that meets your specific needs - we’ve done all the legwork for you! If you’re new to payday loans and want to find a lender that can offer you a combination of flexible repayment terms and affordable interest rates - you can browse through this list of well-established and compliant payday lenders.

Credit cards contain the most variable options on the financial market and if you’re looking for one - you certainly have your work cut out for you - unless you’re using Lenders List. We’ve summarized the type of credit cards that you will find on the market, such as; 0% interest cards, rewards cards and fan or club cards and have made a list of all the credit card providers in the UK - so knowing your options will take a mere minutes - as opposed to hours or days!

If you’re struggling with bad credit and want to find a way to get out debt and improve your credit score - we have a wealth of information available on just how to do that - from better budgeting and prudent spending to consolidating your debt and making use of balance transfer credit cards to help you become debt-free, Lenders List is your new best friend. If you’ve been refused credit and want to find alternative credit providers that are willing to look past a poor credit score - we’ve got you covered.

If you’re planning on buying your first home and want to know what mortgaging options are available to you - we offer advice on what you need to know, what you can expect from a mortgage provider, how to find the best mortgage deals and finally, a comprehensive list of both traditional and alternative mortgage service providers. This will significantly reduce the time you would have spent doing research on home loans and looking for suitable lenders by more than half - and that’s a promise!

Most people know that you can get vehicle financing through most high-street banks and dealerships but, many are simply too overwhelmed by the number of lenders and options available on the market. If you’re looking for vehicle financing and don’t know the difference between a hire purchase and personal contract purchase - we’ve got the information you need to make an informed decision. Once you know the type of vehicle financing that’s right for you - Lenders List will help you find a lender that offers that specific type of financing and, that will cater to your budget and lifestyle needs.

Are you looking for a business loan? Lenders List understands just how challenging it can be to find a lender that is willing to back your business and give you access to the financing you need to start or expand your business or, simply cover unusual or temporary operating costs. Our list of business loans will help you instantly find lenders that offer business loans and, our informative summaries will get straight to the point of whether you will qualify or not. From bank loans and business funds to peer-to-peer lending platforms - we will let you know exactly where you should apply based on your needs.

If you’ve graduated from university a number of years ago - we have the relevant information about the companies who have bought over student loans from the UK’s Student Loans Company and what their respective roles are. We also offer a comprehensive list of the very few lenders who provide student loans for further studies and specialist courses so you don’t have scour the web to find them yourself. If you’re just about to embark on your journey through university or would like to find out more about how student loans work - Lenders List can help you figure it out.

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Lenders List aims to simplify the lending process by offering you free and impartial financial advice – we help you find out what options are available to you, what you should be looking for and tell you where you should be looking. We offer you access to a comprehensive list of lenders – no need to scour thousands of web pages to find the loan or credit solution that you’re looking for – Lenders List makes access to financial information and credit products effortless.

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